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IVF CD14: Egg Update

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a pleasant day. I’m feeling much better than I was yesterday. I am able to walk without being humped over and I move at a more normal pace. Our RE called this morning, which was awesome, and checked on me to make sure I was feeling okay and taking my meds. She admonished me to take it easy and even though I’m at work today, I’m listening to her advice. I do feel a bit tender cramping, but nothing too much so.

Our RE didn’t just call to check on me. She also called with our egg update. Our procedure retrieved 12 eggs. Of those 12, 9 were mature. Of the 9 that were mature, 4 fertilized. We have four embabies growing right now. I’m hoping and praying that they continue to divide and that we’ll have embryos available on Sunday. I have to admit, I’m a bit worried. We lost 8 eggs. That’s a lot. And we haven’t yet gotten to the transfer finish line with the remaining. AND what if they don’t want to hang around. Please God. Please.

I’ve searched the baby due date calculator. The one on IVF Connections is awesome. Should babies decide to hang around, they will be due on or about 4 July 2017. Wouldn’t that be an awesome Independence Day? I just want everything to work out well. I want the babies to stick around.

I pray I have great information for you guys tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


IVF CD14 Medications

  • Estradol-      2 pills taken orally (1 in the AM/1 in the PM) 
  • Endometrin- 1 vaginal insert 3 times a day

IVF CD14 Symptoms

  • Slightly tender in the abdominal and vaginal area (noticed when I get up or walk too fast)

IVF CD14 Developments

  • 12 eggs retrieved on CD13, 9 eggs were mature, 4 eggs were successfully fertilized

Next Appointment(s)

  • 16 Oct 2016 (CD18)- Egg transfer

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