IVF #2 5dp5dt: Winter concerts need Winter weather

Oh my!  I said OH MY!  It is FREEZING outside.  Oh my goodness!  it is RIDICULOUSLY cold outside!  I woke up early this morning and was loathe to leave my warm bed, but needed to do something for the family on a morning like this.

I heated up french toast sticks and made hot chocolate.  I also made sure everyone was layered up this morning.  Our son has a concert today and has a certain uniform of the day.  It was my job to make sure it was properly layered.  I have undershirts and long sleeved shirts under that top shirt.  It’s a cold day and I need everyone healthy!

It was so cold, I decided to drop him off at school this morning instead of waiting for the bus.  That allowed me to drop off at work earlier. As soon as I did so, I found myself reminiscing about last cycle and the roller coaster that was there.  Last cycle, I received a faint #BFP on CD 5dp5dt.  It was faint, but it was there. I remember being so sure of that line.  I was even a bit cocky I suppose in the fact that we “beat” infertility.  But, we’ve learned infertility is not an easy foe.  Two days later every test I took was negative and I was just hoping beta would pull something I didn’t.

Today, I am NOT testing.  I refuse to.  I am going to get through this work day, enjoy tonight’s concert, and have a great time.  No other words are needed…

Talk to you all soon!


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