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7 weeks preggo: The family announcement

DISCLAIMER: This post contains information about our pregnancy. Because I know all too well how these kinds of posts may affect my fellow #ttcsisters and #ttcbrothers, I include this disclaimer to forewarn you. Furthermore, I will continue to do so on any post that may be related to this pregnancy (assuming viability) so that you may have the option to bow out of reading. It is not my intent to turn this blog into all things BFP, so I will make sure to try and keep things as open as possible while being sensitive to the stages that all of us are in per our respective journeys. With that in mind, today we are taking a break from the break to share the following….)

It’s funny how things happen on a much grander scale than we originally plan. S. and I have always stated that we were just going to tell our parents about our pregnancy and then announce later at about 10 weeks. Well, Sunday afternoon we told S.’s parents and my mother, father and bonus mother, and honorary parents. Then, S. decided to tell his siblings which meant I had to tell my siblings and before you knew it, the siblings had shared to closest friends who shared with others and a lot of people knew.

It was a nice moment and everyone was happy for us. While most don’t know the intimate details of our struggle, they do know that S. and I have tried to conceive for 4 years and 7 months. When we adopted out beautiful daughter, I think people just assumed it was because we couldn’t conceive. We explained then that we had always planned to adopt children and would continue to expand our family through adoption or biologically, however God decided to bless us. Truthfully, with T’s count, we didn’t know if we could conceive.  Fast forward to today.

We didn’t exactly do a creative announcement though in hindsight, I would not have minded that at all. S. told his family that I’d been ill and in and out of doctor visits for a while (which is true). He said recently we’d discovered that my HCG counts were rising and was the culprit. His sister started shrieking as she knew immediately (She has four children, one who will be a year soon). She got it ASAP lol. The men were confused until S. continued and explained what that meant and I just smiled at their reactions.

When we told my family, they were a bit more subdued. It wasn’t because they weren’t happy. They are. They are just a more restrained bunch. I often tease them that I am a bit of an odd duck because I am the silliest, most light hearted, completely odd acting person I know.

My phone beeped with a couple of congratulatory messages and one call just so super excited for us. I’m thankful for the love and support and am praying for a healthy, happy, pregnancy.

I’ll probably hold off on updates for a while. (I say that and may change my mind later). I just like the idea of holding on until there is more to talk about. However, I should certainly say this morning sickness is definitely kicking my butt and is NOT restricted to mornings.

And I’m NOT complaining. As long as I am sick, I know things are well. So I’m all about the craving water and the dry heave of chicken (EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW….chicken).

That’s about it at the moment. I plan to check in again in a few days. We have a wedding coming up on Sunday and our 8-week scan (and RE graduation the next week). Looking forward to sharing.


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