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Easter Recap 2017

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Easter holiday. I really enjoyed just spending time with the family and celebration the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Saturday morning, I woke early to help fill and hide Easter eggs for the church-sponsored hunt. There were so many eggs! We stuffed quite a few, ran out of filling for some, but still had a great time. S. took our eldest with him early that AM to help one of our members move and they were finished early enough to come out, help, and enjoy.

Eggs for days

Before the hunt, the kids indulged in hotdogs, baked beans, chips, and drinks. The kids divided into their respective groups and took off to get their eggs. Our youngest finally got the hang of the eggs this year.

Picking and grabbing

She’s getting it

Not to be outdone, our eldest found quite a few in his age area.  Unfortuantely, his picture won’t post. 🙁 They were so proud of themselves. After hunting was over, we went home and I took the time to make their Easter egg baskets. I like to make baskets every year and put something in that appeals to the children. I put puzzles and toys in the basket of our youngest. I put a tower puzzle and a new book in the basket of our oldest. I also made sure both baskets had the “He is Risen” and “Jesus <3 Me” eggs inside. Those are Christian-themed eggs that contain crosses and Bible Verses. Of course, I added a bit of sweets for them as well. I even made a basket for S. who isn’t big on Easter baskets at all. But I’m a firm believer of letting fun and imagination have play as long as the real reason for the season is known and cherished. S.’s basket held a new inspirational novel, some of his favorite candies, and the same inspirational eggs.


Finished product

After the baskets were complete, I was more than a little tired and took a nap. I woke up a couple of hours later and made a grocery store run with my mother in love to prep for Easter dinner. It was 11pm before we got back in the house. I. was. Tired. Groceries were unloaded and I went straight to bed again. I was supposed to have awakened in time for Easter sunrise service at 7AM. That did not happen, but we did make it in time for breakfast, Sunday School, and the second Easter service.

It was a beautiful service and such a blessed time to be in fellowship with everyone. There’s something about this day above all other days that does something amazing. Just think of how it must have been to go to a grave to weep and to find the body is gone, then to realize that the body is not gone, but risen and the man you suppose to be help is your LORD and SAVIOR. AMAZING!!!!

I’d originally wanted a small and intimate evening with the kids, S., and my mother in love with a private Easter hunt at the house after church. Well, that changed and my extended SILs/BILs came over for Easter dinner. It was nice having everyone over and hearing the different discussions that were going on was quite interesting. They and my nieces and nephews stayed until close to 11PM when I wished them all a good night and climbed the stairs, leaving S. to entertain them. (By that point, I’d already changed my underwear three times because every time I sneezed, I peed….sigh).

Overall, it was a beautiful holiday and I was glad to see everyone. I’m looking forward to a little downtime so I can try and get some of this rest back. I hope to get some of that sooner than later.

Have a great day and we will talk again soon!


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