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Middle School ?!

Okay, everyone. Keep me calm! Calm. ME. DOWN!!! Today, my baby. My firstborn son. My heartstring. Ya’ll! My baby is going to middle school orientation! What?! Seriously! Where the HECK did that come from?! Who gave time permission to fly like that? I was JUST carrying him in my womb yesterday and today, he’s going to middle school orientation?! WHAT!!!! Oh, and let us be clear. It’s he who attends orientation first. Yes, all of his grade mates are bussing their happy selves along with their teachers to the middle school to tour the facility, see the different activities available to the, hear about the middle school experience, and get their sign up sheets so they can think about the classes they want to sign up for. S. and I have to wait until this evening when parents are allowed to experience the same thing. Oh my! My baby is growing up!!!!

Okay, okay. I know I can’t freak out too much. After all, I am the adult. But seriously, my son is growing up and I couldn’t be prouder. He’s such a loving child, so strong in his faith, so kind to others. I know some of those things will make him a target to others. I hope he can find some great friends and do well. I met one of my best friends in middle school. Twenty years later, we are still friends and I can call her just to say I am thinking of you. I pray he finds that kind of friendship and grows comfortable in his own skin.

I can’t escape the irony that as I prepare my household for one middle schooler, I am also preparing it for a new baby. I would have never called that. But I’m more thank thankful for it. That being said “WOW!!!! I have an almost middle schooler! Guys! My little is growing up!

Pray for me!


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