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Weekend Recap: April is here!

Hello everyone! Happy April! I am currently sitting here in this recliner with my back cursing me out in all kind of languages all completely my fault.  I’ve had a pretty busy weekend.  Saturday was my nephew’s one year old birthday.  He is such a laid back and special little boy.  He just observes everything and then decides to crawl to what he wants.  On his birthday, he discovered the joys of sugar and had a ball with his birthday.

Always willing to help, I and several of the other party goers swept up, emptied trash, stacked chairs, and packaged food after the party was over. I felt a bit sore afterwards, but realized I’d had minimum water that day was probably dehydrated. I downed a couple of bottles of water and had a few crackers and figured that was the end of that.

Yesterday, I woke up, made breakfast for the family, went to church with them, sang in the choir, and came home after a beautiful service.  This is where my ridiculous superwoman mentality came in.  Usually, since pregnancy, I have come in from church especially on days I sing and taken about thirty minutes to an hour to lie down, sit down, or take a nap.  Yesterday, I was feeling pretty great and decided that I was going to make Sunday dinner, since I hadn’t done it big in a while.
I made baked barbeque chicken drumsticks, baked macaroni and cheese, bbq baked beans, and crock pot green beans.  S. decided he was going to make a HUGE dinner salad complete with ham, turkey, cheese, eggs, apples, shredded carrots, and lettuce.  I tried to do banana pudding, but it failed (too much milk so my pudding wouldn’t thicken.  I’ll do it again tomorrow).  I did this nonstop from the time I got home until about an hour and a half to two hours later.  When I was done, I was in such pain, it was ridiculous.  My back hurt.  My stomach hurt.  I couldn’t walk up the stairs quickly nor without hunching over.  I simply hurt!  I didn’t even eat the hot food.  I just grabbed a salad and after eating that went upstairs and tried to get comfortable.  No such luck there, either.  I finally took some generic tylenol and was able to dull the pain enough to sleep.  Hopefully, that’s the last of  hours long pain until delivery.  We have too much going on this month to miss out on it all.
There are more family birthdays coming on the 6th, 22nd, and 29th.  Our eldest is about to start orientation for middle school.  I have a really cool painting night to attend at the end of the month. My husband and I will celebrate five years of marriage on the 21st.  There are trips to see family planned. Sonograms are scheduled. EASTER will be celebrated and we will be humbled by the reason for the celebration. I’ve even hoping to have a nice Easter dinner with the family. (But I will DEFINITELY cook the night before lol.) We have a LOT to do this month and I’m excited about it all.
What about you guys? Any wonderful April plans? Easter Egg Hunts? Spring picnics?
Feel free to share!


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