Why I’m so “dolled up”

Hello everyone! I just had to tell you all about my day.  I woke up this morning and I was tired.  No. I don’t think you understand.  I wasn’t just a bit sleepy.  I was freaking exhausted.  I heard S. say goodbye to me and I managed to wave fingers at him.  I was just so tired.  When I finally moved from the bed to get started for the day, I noticed the clouds outside matched my mood completely.  Add to that the acknowledgment that I had a meeting scheduled for later in the PM and I just didn’t really want to deal.

Well, I remembered at that moment, a very good sister-friend once shared a post with me that reminded me to get up and be fabulous even when I wasn’t feeling it.  So I did just that.

After I washed, I donned a cute maternity dress.  I styled my hair, found some jewelry and rocked out some makeup.  Then, I found my favorite pair of comfortable heels and put them on.  I know the heels aren’t really recommended for pregnancy, but I felt pretty powerful in them, so they are a go to for the day.

Walked by the mirror and all I heard was Beyonce’s “Flawless” in my head.  LOL.  It’s funny how a little effort can lift you up.

What’s funny is I’m not a dress and pearls girl.  Give me sweatpants and a tee any day.  But, I must admit that I am feeling the lioness as I walk these halls in my heels.  Though don’t worry.  I switched to flats an hour in at work.  No swollen feet for me today 🙂

Anyone else feeling all spiffy in their dolled up days?

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