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I’ve met my temp!

Hello everyone.  So, I know you aren’t really supposed to be excited about meeting the person who will be taking your place while you are absent from work, but I was super excited when mine showed up today.  It was her first day of work and she is to begin shadowing me in preparation for my start to maternity leave.

This was great for a number of reasons.  Number one means time is getting close!  I currently have 5 more weeks and I’m excited about that.  Number two is there is a great chance there will be additional opportunity for placement if all goes well.  Considering we’ve been short handed for a while, I think that’s awesome.  Finally, hope.  Lol, it means there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I may actually be starting maternity leave soon.  I can hardly wait.

So, we have a lot of work to do.  I’ve already introduced her to the team and relevant customers and stakeholders.  Now comes the work of meetings and my day to day stuff.  By the time I leave, she’ll be good to go and I won’t have any issues about it at all.

Have any of you started prepping for maternity leave?  Have you written your out of office statement yet?  Feel free to share.


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