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Scary moments

Hi everyone.  Sorry, I’ve been offline lately.  Things were pretty quiet.  So much so that I didn’t have much to write about.  That changed this morning.  I had an appointment scheduled for today, a regular check up to see how Baby is doing.  I noticed when I woke this morning to leave for the appointment and drop off our daughter at daycare that I hadn’t felt the baby move as often as I usually do.  In fact, minus one tiny movement this morning, I hadn’t felt baby move since about 10PM.  I was nervous.

My appointment wasn’t until 1030 and there was a full house this morning.  By the time I got in the exam room, I’d counted one movement in over an hour.  Baby usually gives me 3-5 in the same time duration.  It’s pretty active especially around times I usually feed (breakfast, snack, lunch).  I mentioned to the nurse that I hadn’t felt the baby and that it was probably sleeping, but I was a bit concerned.  She took note and promised to share with the doctor.

The doctor came in and listened to baby’s heartbeat and it was a normal 141, as it had been for the past few appointments.  The doctor asked about the note about the movement and noted that the baby hadn’t kicked the doppler like it usually does.  She asked when was the last time I felt a movement and I informed her I felt a tiny one when I woke that morning, several hours earlier.

She immediately scheduled a sonogram for me in house.  She said with the heartbeat she wasn’t too concerned, but was concerned enough that she wanted to check it out.  Suddenly I got really nervous and started almost willing baby to move.  Nothing.  The sonogram list was also heavy so I’m sitting there updating my IG and texting my husband asking for prayers because by now it was pushing 1140 and I’d felt nothing.  I prayed myself and maybe five minutes later, I felt the baby start hiccuping.  I was so relieved just to feel hiccups that I found myself teary eyed.

Finally, it was my turn in the sonogram room and the tech explained what she was looking for–baby movement, good amount of amniotic fluid, baby practicing breathing, proof that it is not in distress. When the baby came on the screen, the tech smiled and said she could see the baby practicing breathing just fine.  She continued checking and realized baby was in fact resting, but had woken.  He or she was sucking its thumb and just resting.

I felt so much better.  The baby was fine.  The relief I feel at this moment is amazing.

After the sonographer dismissed me, I was directed to rest up for the rest of the day, so I’m in my bed working from home with feet up.  Anything for baby.

I thought I would share with you all.  Thank you for the prayers.


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