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I’m not ready! (Nesting)

I haven’t written in a while.  Truth be told, I’ve been tired and haven’t felt like writing.  I’m still working and when I get home, I would much rather sleep than write.  Still…I’m late in update.

Today, I woke up to a flooded bathroom and dirty toilet water everywhere.  This is on the day that I have two meetings scheduled and a lot of prep work before maternity leave starts on Friday.  There was no way I would make them.  So I asked someone to cover for me and spent my morning with bleach, Clorox wipes, Pine-sol, and elbow grease.  That led to an extreme case of nesting.  I mean it was horrible.  Horrible.  I cleaned the bathroom then went through the kitchen.  I’ve been rearranging stuff.  It’s a mess.

My three year old comes to me after I overdid it and was sitting in the living room chair only to tell me that the baby will be here soon. Specifically, she says “the baby wants to come out”.  Um no, little one.  I have way too much to do for that.

The hospital bag is packed and in the car.  I do have to pack some snacks and make sure my charger, phone, and tablet are ready to go, but other than that, it’s ready.  Still, I am not ready to have this baby.

Truthfully, I’m nervous about it.  I’m older, more out of shape (acknowledged), and I’m just nervous.  What if this one is more complicated?

I haven’t discussed this with my husband yet.  But I’m nervous this go round.  My first pregnancy was so easy.  It was a decade ago.  I felt great.  This time.  Not so much.  I’m sleepy.  I’m not being able move as quickly as I was before.  I gained 30 pounds with the first pregnancy.  I’m pushing 37 this time around.

I hope this time I can have a quick recovery.

We’ll see.

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