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The return to work

You know it would be more than awesome if the mothers in the United States of America had the same maternity leave rights as mothers in other developed countries.  Canada and countries within Europe have up to 12 months to bond with their baby and it’s fully paid.  I wouldn’t even need 12 months.  But man, I would have loved to have had three months just to spend time and bond with baby girl.

Last week was my first week back at work. I walked in to clients’ excited over my return and a mountain of catch up.  I immediately missed the baby, but I dived back into the tasks at hand and it definitely helped the time pass quickly.

Our sitter, who also happens to be a highly qualified and loving cousin, kept me smiling by sending pictures of the girls while I was away.  Before you know it, by week’s end, I’d amassed quite an impressive to-do list.  Sigh, work sucks.

In pumping news, I have managed to get up to four ounces.  Yep, four whole ounces.  It’s frustrating to say the least.  The good thing is I’ve been able to nurse the baby for several minutes and then I follow up with formula.  I nurse several times a day.  It just never seems to be enough to boost my supply.

I’m actually afraid of a repeat of what happened the last time I was pregnant.  My supply dried up.  It just decided that it didn’t want to play any more.  It didn’t matter how much I pumped or how much water I drank.  The supply went away. I think this time is going to be the same.

The great thing is I’m only fifteen minutes up the road and away from the baby.  The bad thing is I’m fifteen minutes up the road and away from the baby.  Man, this sucks.

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