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Friday Frazzle: Gridiron Grub

Hi everyone!!  So ideally, I would love to have the NFL theme play here, but since I can’t…let’s just pretend that we hear it in the background as we prepare for this week’s Friday Frazzle: Gridiron Grub (aka Superbowl Foods). Guys, it’s Superbowl time!  As much as I loathe the New England Patriots (sorry to the fans), I love the celebration that is Superbowl. I love the competition, the rivalries, the intense battles, the fun commercials, and the food. Guys, seriously, the food can make or break your Superbowl Party.

Friday Frazzle: Gridiron Grub!!!
This year, several friends have requested that guests bring their favorite dish(es) to add to the quality and quantity of the festivities. I have always loved a good potluck. If you all are doing the same, here’s hoping today’s Frazzle will get you inspired!
1.       Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs.  Guys!  This item is one of my favorites and is easily my most requested dish.  It’s so easy to make and I promise you the meat is fall off the bone tender.
2.       SlowCooker Meatballs. via Allrecipes.com  The first time I made these yummy meatballs the crock pot was cleared before I had a chance to sample.  I know better now.  Plus, it’s a forgiving recipe.  You can make your own meatballs or cheat and use frozen ones—regular, Italian, parmesan.  The opportunities are endless.  The attached link is what I consider to be the base recipe.  Feel free to play with it.
3.       SlowCooker Corn Chili  from Mix and Match Mama.  So I can’t front.  This chili is requested from my son on a regular.  He has come home from school, peeked in the lid, and celebrated upon discovering it.  I usually omit the jalapeno because we’re not big fans of the spicy.
4.       MiniCorn Dogs from Just a Taste.  These are SO good.  When I see them for an event, I secretly celebrate because I know it’s about to go down!  If they are hot and crispy?!  Honey!  I am telling you that you have a friend in me for that one.
5.       Cheeseburger Sliders via KitchenMonki.  I make these during the week when I’m craving something fast foodish without the fast food budget.  The Hawaiian sweet rolls make these amazing.  This is a base recipe.  I always make the sliders with Hawaiian King Sweet Slider Rolls and pickle slices.  
6.       BBQChicken Sliders via Six Sisters Stuff and Allrecipes.com.  I use this recipe f as a base recipe for my BBQ Pulled Chicken.  I smother mine with Sweet  Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce for the right mix of sweet and pair it with the Hawaiian sweet rolls.  I promise you these will go quick!
7.       OvenBaked Meatball Subs via Homecooking Memories These are a household favorite.  The first time I made them for my husband, he inhaled them.  My mother in love was cautious about them, but after trying them fell for them hard.  They are easy to make and can be wrapped in saran wrap and aluminum foil to maintain their warmth for guests.  Here’s a cool hint.  Use provolone on the bottom to form a “cushion” for the meatball and sauce between the bread.  That way the bread will not be soggy!
8.        CrunchyTaco Cups via Kevin and Amanda.  This is a Pinterest recipe find.  It’s easy.  It’s yummy.  It’s forgiving. You all know I’m all about easy peasy.

I could seriously go on and on, but I won’t. We’ll save that for another Frazzle. But until then…enjoy your weekend!


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