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Friday Frazzle: My Favorite Telework Tools

This post contains affiliate links that may provide commission if you purchase something from the link.  That being said all opinions are my own and this post is my genuine Friday Frazzle snapshot of all things great and awesome in the telework world.

Hello everyone and happy Friday! I hope your week has been warm and comforting! It’s been more than a bit chilly on my end, but it’s a blessing to feel the cold, so I thank God for it. Today is our second Friday Frazzle. For those who don’t know, Friday Frazzle is basically a quick snapshot of my week. I pull a few things that may have happened or that I’m doing or thinking and I’m sharing with you and asking you to feel free to do the same with me.

This week’s frazzle is an ode to great tools when teleworking. It just so happened that Superbug’s school district, along with several others, was closed yesterday due to early morning snow. While it wasn’t a lot, it was enough to make the roads pretty slick and I received authorization to telework since someone needed to be home. (Did I mention how amazingly grateful and blessed I am to have received that option?). That being said, I decided to share some of my favorite tools of the trade to ensure a successful teleworking experience.

1. A good wifi connection. I’m blessed that my husband is a bit of a computer nerd. He recognizes that there are several people who can be online at the same time for various tasks. As such, he upgraded our wireless router to a dual processor which allows the children to drop to a different ID than mine when working. My line is much faster and gets me blazing through documents, meeting connections, and overloaded networks.

2A great headset. Let me tell you something. A good wireless headset is a MUST. Have you ever had a little person ask for a drink of water when they are supposed to napping, right in the middle of your lunch teleconference? Yeah, I have and honey, muting the conversation while you run to the kitchen only works so well for so long. My go to is the Plantronics brand. I love this brand because it’s so reliable and user friendly. Specifically, I’m love with the Plantronics CS510. It’s the Over-the-head wireless one that extends to 350 square feet. I priced it on Amazon and it is currently $178.95 with free shipping via Prime. Of course, I would LOVE to upgrade to the one that looks like a Bluetooth device, but maybe later.

3.  A really nice office chair.  I have to be honest. A good sitting spot can make or break my telework experience. During the latter weeks of pregnancy, I ventured to the couch because I couldn’t get comfortable in any straight backed office chair. My back thanked me, but my legs did not as I had difficulty pushing up. Thankfully, I’m able to adjust to the office seats with ease. The LCH High Back Mesh Office Chair is the standard at my brick and mortar office, but the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair, is my go to for home office use.
4.  A water tumbler.  Okay, okay. I admit it. I have two. Yep, one is because it’s super cute and I usually down it pretty quick. The other was a gift from my company and I use it often. It’s a Yeti! So, let me school you if you aren’t familiar because I wasn’t when I received it. This little beauty will keep your cold drinks ice cold (as in ice is still there) for 24 hours. It gets HOT here in the summer and my home office gets the bulk of the sun in the AM to mid-morning. This makes life so much more pleasant when I get parched from a long day’s task.
5.  Trade/Professional books. My background is Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in English. Style guides and correspondence manuals are my friend. I also work for a company and support a contract where words mean things—and so do templates. At my home office are copies of books that make referencing Oxford commas and salutations a breeze. I highly suggest you invest in some for yourself. If you are interested in what lines my shelves, here are a few favorites:

So, there you have it. These are just a few tricks of the trade for me. What are some of your go to tools for teleworking?


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