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Happy 5 months, A!

Hi everyone! Today our A. turns 5 months. It’s amazing how much she has changed in such a short amount of time. She’s a ball of quiet energy, inquisitive and fun. Her laughs are the absolute best thing on a daily and it is pretty easy to decipher her “I’m hungry” cry from her “Where are you? I don’t see you” cry. She has rolls for days and this love of jumping. I seriously need to invest in a jumperoo or something, lol!

So, how is A. doing?


She’s Growing, Boss!

I did the weigh the baby thing where you stand on the scale with baby to get a weight, then stand without baby to get another weight, and the difference lets you know how much she weighs. Our baby girl is a whopping 15 pounds! That’s a 2 pound increase from her four month well baby visit just last month. She’s also quite a bit longer as evidenced by those toes filling her footie pajamas.

We are rocking a size 2 diaper, though we’re trying to finish up the box of 1s. Naps are always in size 2s because she’ll wet out of them overnight when sleeping. She’s wearing a lot of 3-6 month clothes, but my preference is the 6-9 months. They fit her better and she seems to fill quite well.


Okay, let’s talk about her sleep process. During the day, our A. is with a wonderful sitter, who also happens to be family! You have to love that. She arrives to our home after I’ve given A. her first bottle and Honeybee her breakfast. After the baby plays for a while, she takes a nap about 10 and will sleep about forty minutes to an hour. After her lunch bottle and feeding, she does learning play (sitter is a former preschool teacher!) and then konks out for a long nap about 2:00 and will wake from that one about 4:30/5 depending on how tired she is.

Okay, I know babies thrive on routine. This kid, however doesn’t really care for it. I was aiming for an 8-8:30 bed time. But with our schedule (church, practices, upcoming baseball practices, etc.), it doesn’t always work that way. As it stands now, I do bedtime routine so that she and her sister are in the bed at 8:30 and 9PM respectively. If she isn’t in a wind down mood or just wants Mommy time on the couch or in the rocking chair, I’ll let her languish until 9:30 when she starts rubbing her eyes and will then change her again before placing her in the crib to sleep. On average, she gives me 9-12 hours a night.


As a reminder, A. comes from a family of eaters. She’ll stare at you incessantly if you are eating because she wants what you are eating. I’ve dipped finger to share a couple of tastes of what we’re snacking on and she kicks her legs and smacks her lips with glee. The girl is ready, lol. With the doctor’s blessing, we’ve added some solids into her food routine.

She gets her first eight ounce bottle after waking and morning change. Following her bottle, I’ll either give her a few tablespoons of baby rice cereal or, her favorites, a starter pack of baby fruit (usually Apple or Banana). Later, she’ll have two more 6-8 ounce bottles throughout the workday per her sitter. Her sitter also tells me after her lunch bottle, she eats a vegetable pack, and then settles down for her “long nap”. Upon waking, there is another 6 ounces given with a veggie pack given for “dinner”. She gets her last bottle, a complete 8 ounces before going to bed. (I should let you know that occasionally she will wake to let me know that she is still hungry and will take another 8 ounces and soothe herself to sleep).

Any firsts?

  •  Apples baby food. She wasn’t too keen on it at first and the face she made was hilarious. She then realized it was okay and has devoured her little containers ever since.
  • Green beans baby food. She loves green beans.
  • First sign- “MILK”! Of course, this would be the first sign. She’s only been using it sporadically, but she is using it and I’m encouraging it!
  • First time rocking a ponytail. She still has tons of curly hair, but it was the first time I was able to use the pink hair bow to make a ponytail.

Any milestones?

  • She’s prepping for crawl time. You put her on the floor, on her belly, and she moves like a sea turtle trying to propel herself. No forward movement yet, but it’s coming. 
  • Grasping and Pulling especially her teethers.· Babbling. 
  • She’s having all sorts of “conversations” now and is even playing games with me with them.

Happy 5 months, A.!

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