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Weekend Recap: Part II- Museum Hopping w/Honeybee (Drummers & Play)

*This is NOT a sponsored post. I may have a couple of links to some interesting places, but I promise it’s just sharing good fun and no monetary stuff for me! 

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining in. I’m hoping you have had the most wonderful weekend ever! If you are an Eagles fan…CONGRATULATIONS! It was a hard fought win and you guys deserve it! Today, I’m picking up where I left off for my Weekend Recap where Honeybee and I decided to do a bit of museum hopping. In our first post, we shared our Terra Cotta Army exhibit experience and all of the wonder that went with it. Today, we’re picking up with a trip to the Children’s Museum of Richmond, which was right down the street.

I haven’t been to this museum in years. When Superbug was little, I bought him a couple of times to play and have a good time in warmer weather. Since I was already in the area for the Terra Cotta exhibit, I thought it would be a nice surprise for Honeybee if I took her to the museum to experience some of the same.

Turns out the surprise was on us. When we arrived, there was an African dance/drummer troupe that was performing in celebration of Black History month.  They were phenomenal!

Honeybee and I watched them for a while until she began to pull gently on my hand and I realized she was ready to play!  I made her take a bathroom break first and then we were off.  Here’s some background for you in you’ve never been.

The Children’s Museum of Richmond costs $9.00 for patrons aged 1-59.  (I remember when it was $8).  Babies under 1 year of age are free.  There are plenty of exhibits, but they can be crowded at popular times.  It can also be a bit chaotic.  Nevertheless, Honeybee really enjoyed herself.

Unlike the previous museum, I allowed Honeybee to take the lead on this go round.  The museum is catered more to her age and imagination.  I simply followed behind, quietly observing to see what interested her and what creative outlets were inspired though play.  She really enjoyed anything vehicle related.  There was an ambulance in the museum the children could play in.  She was in their quite a while.  She also enjoyed this mechanic’s shop where she “repaired” the vehicle so that it would run again.

We visited the grocery store set up and she decided she wanted to play on the cash register and ring up food.  She walked around the store for a while and then followed up by gymnastics play.  She was quite and deeply immersed in all that was going on.  We went to the little persons’ area where she played on the “farm” equipment and came out of her shell a bit.

At the day’s conclusion, she had a wonderful time and was pretty sad to leave.  I promised we would come back one day and we loaded the car to head back home.  I thought for sure she would be knocked out, but she stayed awake the entire drive.  We stopped for her favorite yumminess, Panda Express, and then followed it up with cupcakes from our favorite cupcakery.

After we got home and she ate, then fell asleep.  It was an awesome day and I am so thrilled she and I were able to spend it together.

Thanks for allowing us to share it with you.  Stand by for our Superbowl thoughts.  We had a pretty great time there as well!

Have an awesome day!


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