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40 Springtime Activities for the Family

Hi everyone! Despite the crazy windstorm of this past weekend, Spring is rapidly approaching.  I’m looking forward to it as winter blues are a real thing for me.  The warmer days, more sunlight, and active activities are all things I’m looking forward to.

Last Spring, I was carrying Baby A. so I wasn’t exactly in the mood to run around and get stuff accomplished. This time, I’m so ready.  I’m compiling bucket lists, searching local visitor convention pages, and dusting off my walking shoes.  This is going to be great.  If you’re equally excited about Spring and are looking for some fun Spring activities, I’ve compiled a list of 40 that are sure to please.  Happy hunting!

1. View the Cherry Blossoms. (Washington, DC has an awesome Cherry Blossom Festival. If you aren’t close to the area, view your local visitor’s bureau for spring related festivals in your neck of the woods.)

2. Plant seeds for a garden.

3. Fly a kite.  (In parallel to the Cherry Blossom Festival, DC has a really fun and family friendly Blossom Kite Festival that is not to be missed.)

4. Have a family bike ride.

5. Visit a farm to see the new Spring babies.

6. Visit the zoo to see the hibernating animals awake.

7. Plan a family photo session—outside on location.

8. Decorate Easter Eggs.

9. Go on a family picnic.

10. Host a Garden Party.

11. Attend a Garden Party.

12. Sleep under the Stars.

13. Attend a Parade.

14. Attend a Local Baseball Game.

15. Attend a local food festival.

16. Eat Icecream outside an Icecream Shop.

17. Make Mother’s Day gifts.

18. Have a Scavenger Hunt.

19. Go Fishing.

20. Go to the Park.

21. Play Frisbee.

22. Go to the library and borrow books on Spring.

23. Celebrate Christ’s Resurrection.

24. Have Dinner outside.

25. Watch a sunrise.

26. Watch a sunset.

27. Paint Rocks

28. Make a family crest.

29. Lie Down and Watch Clouds.

30. Hunt for Lightning Bugs.

31. Build a Bird House

32. Make a Healthy Meal Together

33. Spring Clean the House

34. Compete in a Marathon

35. Compete in a Soapbox Derby

36. Go Kayaking

37. Play Tennis

38. Play Hide and Go Seek Outside

39. Look for Four Leave Clovers

40. Plan Summer Vacation/Adventures.


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