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Baby A. is 7 months!

See, this is what happens when life gets crazy and hectic and…well…frazzled. Things have been a roller coaster around her  Between work deadlines and home demands, I haven’t had the time I’ve desired to share!

Today, I’m purposely bringing you some baby A. updates just to make you fill warm and fuzzy.

Baby A. is 7 months old and is loving life.  Her happy personality is so awesome.  Seriously, she very rarely cries.  If she does, it’s a quick fix to find out the solution.  I’m very blessed in that regard.

Weigh In!
She’s growing, but not ridiculously so.  A. weighed 14.12 pounds and measured 27 inches at her last appointment a month ago.  She is still wearing 6-9 month clothing, but some of those 9-12 month clothes fit her much better.  She’s in a size 2 diaper, but will be changing soon as one of her butt cheeks likes to slip out of the diaper.  Fortunately, no mishaps yet.

Sleeping Beauty
A. is a pretty consistent sleeper.  I’m still pretty good about getting her to bed by 8:30 (with the exception of Bible Study and rehearsal nights).  If you put her down sleepy, she’ll konk out and won’t move until 7:00AM. When she wakes now, she’ll play in her crib cooing and “singing” until about 7:30.  Then she lets you know she’s ready to see people.

Everything tastes so yummy!!  (Well, almost everything)
We have been giving her solids since about five months under the doctor’s direction.  She loves the Gerber bananas, carrots, and sweet peas.  She is not a fan of the applesauce.  Table foods have her loving regular grits.  She is not a fan of cheese grits at all (just like her Daddy).  She’ll eat mac and cheese with gusto and recently discovered that money’s cornbread is amazing lol.  Seriously, the girl shrieked every time I moved the bread away from her lol.

She is still getting her formula.  When she wakes, she wants a minimum of 8 oz. and then decides if she wants another round or if she wants a breakfast baby food.  The other day she did both and I was amazed.

Any firsts?

YES!!! She is semi mobile!!!  On the day she turned seven months old, she did this…

She is babbling “Da da” consistently.

She is about to celebrate her first Easter (which we will be recapping) and her first Easter dinner.

She’s doing amazingly well and I am so thankful for the journey!

Talk to you soon!


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