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Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women's Day

I woke up this morning, full on “get-this-day-started” mode, and turned on the news for some informative background noise as I prepped my babies’ breakfasts. The news fairly shouted that today was March 8th, International Women’s Day 2018. I smiled at that because I know some people see the day as unnecessary and completely out of place, but any day that allows me to celebrate the brave women in my circle is a day I want to embrace. (BTW, that was a heck of a long sentence). Anywho, let’s discuss for a moment, shall we.

The first International Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911 started by the Suffragettes. These ladies were the scourge of society when they first started. In a world where women were treated as little more than property, and indeed could not even be willed property or own any of their own, men thought the notion that women deserved equal treatment ( as in property ownership, financial management, and voting rights) as preposterous. Today, in several countries across the world, the same beliefs hold fast. Women are seen as inferior and weak-minded in these places. Some of “these places” are closer than you think.

As I listened to the announcement, my eyes were immediately drawn to my Honeybee and my Baby A. both contently in their places in our family room. They are our future and it is so important that they grow up to know they are strong women with their own minds who can achieve anything they set their mind out to achieve.

It’s the same with the women in the #TTC, #infertility, and #fertilitymom communities. We are strong women. Remember the first time you stabbed your stomach fat with that long behind needle? Yeah, that’s strength. Or the time, she had to get blood drawn from your HAND because all your veins refused to cooperate from the daily blood draws in the fertility process? Yep, that’s strength. Or, the moment you had to pick yourself up and try again when that #BFN showed its face across the latest test. That is strength.

This isn’t some man bashing post when I say women, you rock! You absolutely do. I’m glad it is recognized and celebrated. I’m glad women all around the world are seeking a better way, seeking better opportunities! 

Today, women can aspire to be and do whatever they desire to.  I’m looking forward to seeing that world when my girls become women.

Have an awesome day!


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