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Weekend Recap: Birthday Behavior

Hello everyone!  I hope your week has been absolutely amazing!  Mine was rainy and cloudy and blah looking outside, but SO much fun and enjoyable for the family.  Sunday was S.’s birthday.  We decided that we would do a private date night on Saturday with just the two of us and then celebrate with the family on his actual birthday.


I had quite a few ideas of things we could do for S.’s birthday.  He’s big on new experiences and I was all game for some small thrill events like hot air ballooning or indoor sky diving.  It turned out the weather was forecast to be too yucky for ballooning.  The nearest indoor skydiving facility was an hour and some change away and our childcare arrangements couldn’t cope.  So, I was thinking…what do we do.

Fortunately for me, S. has had an interest in trying out the Escape Rooms that have been so popular in the area.  We looked on Groupon for any deals and sure enough there was a pretty good one for a couple wanting to do the adventure.  We purchased, called and made an appointment, and were booked for the same evening.

We arrived at the Escape Room and were very impressed.  The lobby by itself was awesome!  Because the attraction has such a shroud of secrecy, I won’t share too much about it, but we were paired with two other couples to solve a buried treasure riddle.  Oh my goodness!  We had so much fun!  Unfortunately, we didn’t figure out the last riddle in time though we were SOOOOOOO close!  UGH!  But it was still a great adventure.

I loved the decor

After the Escape Room, we decided to head over to the local Dave and Buster’s and have some uninterrupted play time.  I have to say playing basketball and doing virtual reality games without the little people was pretty fun.  It was pretty nice to be able to move around without having to navigate the other three.

Pretty soon, it was time to grab the kids from childcare and head home for the evening.  They’d been at a local Parents’ Night Out event that was themed after Black Panther.  The kids loved it.  They were fed a yummy dinner and dessert (pizza and cupcakes) and played a ton of games.  They were very tired when we picked them up, but had an amazing time and that made it worth it.

Our Honeybee when she was younger

Sunday afternoon, S.’s actual birthday, we went to a favorite restaurant of his and enjoyed some yummy Japanese food.  We  enjoyed talking and hanging out with each other.  When we got home, we sang Happy birthday to S. complete with a cake and gifts.  He was pleased and we were excited to celebrate with him.  Incidentally, it was also A.’s 6 month milestone as well.

Fast forward to Monday and it was our Honeybee’s turn!   It was just wonderful.  I have a tradition with the kids where they can have whatever they want for breakfast on their birthday.  I expected our Honeybee to want something sweet or maybe something unusual.  Nope!  Honeybee asked for french toast sticks with applesauce and sausage AND a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries.  DONE!  She was so very happy and I was happy to appease.

Honeybee had already requested a few things for her birthday.  One of the listed items was a balloon.  After my work day was complete, I picked up her birthday cake and picked up a Happy birthday balloon for her.

The family celebrate her birthday with a trip to Chick-Fil-A (a favorite of hers) for their local craft night.  When the craft leaders discovered it was her birthday, they gave her a plush stuffed cow and a lollipop to go with the great ladybug craft.  Honeybee played in the play area and then we returned home where we hung out with her grandparents, ate cake, and opened gifts.

The cake came out beautifully.

She received her butterflies, new clothes, and the most amazing book that I promise I’m reviewing!

It’s so amazing to me that Honeybee is four years old.  That time flew so quickly.  I’m so blessed to be her mother and I cannot imagine how empty my life would be without her.  I love her so much.

So that’s it.  Our birthday weekend for the family.  They both were spoiled lovingly and I can’t wait until we do it again.

Have a great evening!

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