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What’s Buzzing With Our Honeybee? The Four Year Old Version

I was looking through the blog the other day and realized that I hadn’t provided a proper update for Honeybee after her February birthday.  I found a pretty nice year end kids interview post from Hands On As We Grow and have picked up a few questions from there to assist.


Height:  Our Honeybee is 37.2 inches tall.  She is in the 6th percentile for her age group.  I’m certainly not complaining as the size allows her to continue to wear the smaller size clothes for a while. I’m all about the cost savings there.

Weight:  So, Honeybee actually gained four pounds since her last visit.  BUT she is still only 26.2 pounds and is in the 0 percentile for her weight.  I asked the doctor should we be concerned and was told no.  Some children are naturally petite and it looks like our Bee is in that boat.

Favorite Television Show:  Paw Patrol
Favorite thing about School/Sitter:  Coloring
Favorite Color:  Purple
Favorite Toy:  Max The Dog 
Favorite Book:  Everybody Loves Micky Mouse
Favorite Movie:  Moana
Favorite Season:  Winter
Favorite Food:  French Toast Sticks
Favorite Animal:  Puppy (her stuffed animal)
Favorite Sport:  Basketball
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Thing To Do:  Coloring
Favorite  Toys At Bedtime:  Elmo, Puppy, and Max the Dog

Favorite Place to Go:  Shopping

Favorite Thing to do with Mommy:  Play

Favorite Thing to do with Daddy:  Saying “What you are doing”  (a game they play)

What Does She Want To Be When She Grows Up:  A Cook

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