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A Letter to my Husband on our Sixth Year Anniversary


Hello my heart,

What an amazing thing it was to wake up this morning and know that we are celebrating six years of marriage together.  I don’t take that lightly as our marriage has truly been a journey.  We have walked together through so very much.  There have been these soaring high mountain experiences that took my very breath away.  There have been crushing valleys that left me sitting in parked cars praying for wisdom and direction.  There have been moments of pure passion as I see you walk into the room after a long day, crisp shirt and dress slacks looking ever so handsome.  Moments of absolutely beauty as I watch you play and giggle with our children.  I am so thankful to God for you.  I am thankful that you pray for our family and our children more than you pray for yourself.  I am thankful that you love God so very much and that there is never hesitation in prayer, especially if I call and say that I need you to do so.  I love you, your drive, your tenacity.  While I never pretend to understand every choice, every decision, every moment, I do trust that you make them with the best interest of our family in mind.  I trust that you love us, that you love me.  And I love you too.

It’s been a year, my love.  We loved your mother, my mother in love together.  We made sure to address her needs as well as we possibly could.  You did so much more, being there every step of the way.  You are an amazing son.  When she went home to be with Jesus, it was your strength that aided the family.   This year we welcomed a new daughter into the family.  You were wonderful during labor.  You were there, by my side, encouraging me, pushing me, letting me know it would be okay.  When she was born, delivered, and placed in your arms, you looked at her and my heart melted all over again.  You are such an amazing father.

With you I have learned patience.  I have learned grace.  I have learned partnership and teamwork.  I have learned self reflection.  I have learned the importance of me time and the importance of quality time.

Today, I am thankful for six years and pray that God blesses our union and the ministry that is our marriage with many, many more years to come.  And if He chooses not to do that or if our journey goes astray, I will always love you and will always be thankful for you, my husband.

I love you.

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