Easter 2018 Weekend Recap

Easter 2018- Part 3

Sunday.  Sunday morning, I woke very early and rushed to get showered and dressed, ready to get out the door on time.  I had a confidence bursting moment when the original white dress that I had in my closet, the one I’ve worn two to three times a year because of its beauty and fit, did NOT fit at all.  The baby weight that I’ve been working on has dropped, but not enough to zip over that high back fat.  So, I had to switch into the same white dress I wore last year..when I was 5 months pregnant and huge.

Fortunately, this year the dress gave a flowy look and, paired with a white blazer, looked quite chic.  Unfortunately, we were running so much I didn’t have a picture taken.  Bug was singing in the Mass Choir with me, so we left S. and the girls to make sure we made it for the first morning service.

Last year’s picture

Service was beautiful.  The Spirit was high and my heart was pricked because of one of the choir members.  She suffers from dementia–a cause I fight that it near and dear to my heart.  The member is a sweet elder woman who has such a wonderful spirit.  After we finished all of the songs and prepared to dismount the loft and sit where we could hear the sermon she exclaimed to me, “I remembered all the words!  I didn’t forget a single one!”.  For some reason that bought tears to my eyes and I hugged her just thrilled that God allowed her to remember the words and that she was blessed in that moment.

The sermon was powerful.  Pastor recounted the story of Christ and His sacrifice.  God is so amazing.  Jesus is SO amazing!  Sermon over, we joined the church family for the annual Easter breakfast where I snapped quite a few pictures.

Afterwards, the girls went home with S. while Bug and I continued on to the second service.  It was exactly what was needed.  Pastor spoke on maintaining your faith in untenable situations, going forward with there seems to be no peace in it.  I’ve been praying about a few things and the scriptures and word discussed helped to provide comfort while I await God’s response.

After church was over, Bug and I rushed home where I prepared my Shrimp Scampi Medley.  It features penne pasta, shrimp scampi, a creamy alfredo sauce, green and yellow bell peppers, andouille sausage, and onions.  It was requested by S. for a family Easter potluck held at my brother and sister in loves’ new home!  They recently closed on a new home and this was their first time getting everyone together.

I am so happy for them.  God has blessed them infinitely.  They are a true representation of God’s carrying power.  There was a season where we almost lost my sister in love.  The doctors said they’d done all they could, but God said not so and she is STILL here and HEALTHY!!

Easter pics of the little people

We bought the pasta to their house and it was very well received, along with all the other yummy foods that were waiting for us.  After a fun night of family time, we loaded up and headed back to our home.

Bug’s Spring Break started this week, so he didn’t have to worry about early morning risings, but Daddy and Mommy did.  We literally walked in the door, took off clothes, and tumbled into bed.  Showers were taken the next morning.

All in all, it was a great and memorable Easter.  I am glad that we were able to share it with baby A. and so glad we were able to fellowship with family since NanaNorth transitioned home.  I wish she could tell us about her first Easter in Heaven.  That’s okay though.  I know we’ll see her one day and we’ll get to experience it with her.

Hope you’re Easter and Resurrection Sunday were amazing!  We will talk to you soon!


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