Easter 2018 Weekend Recap

Easter Recap 2018- Part 1

Hello everyone.  I hope and trust you all had an amazing Resurrection Sunday and a great Easter celebration.  Yesterday really was a great day, even if it did start off wonky for me.  God came through and reminded me that I needed to drop some of my control and comfort zone issues and get with the program because, seriously you guys, I was not exactly exhibiting the virtues of a Godly woman.  That was until I got to church and the Word starting flowing and the Spirit of God touched and agreed…okay, I need to start from the beginning.

Thursday evening.  Thursday evening was supposed to be baseball practice for Bug.  It was also a scheduled tutoring day.  Thanks to the combined rush hour and holiday traffic in our area, the school buses were slower than usual.  I’d gotten home about twenty minutes earlier than usual and decided to take advantage of the beautiful 70 degree day and take baby A. and Honeybee for a walk to the tot lot for play time.  We stayed about twenty minutes and were walking into the driveway when Bug was approaching from the other side.  He was holding his arm in an awkward way and said he’d fallen at school after participating in a “challenge” with his friends to see who could run the fastest and furthermost backwards.  Bug was participating, tripped on a stick, was falling and used his wrist to break the fall. I was annoyed that he was running backwards, but know that boys do silly things from time to time.

Guys, honestly the wrist didn’t look bad.  There was a slight swelling, but it was so minimal that I figured he’d tweaked it and he would be right as rain soon.  I went upstairs with the girls to get ready for practice and he followed.  I’d placed baby A. in the grab so I could get ready and when I was finally together, I asked Bug to pick his sister up from the crib and bring her downstairs.  No response.  I went to baby A.’s room and Bug was standing over the crib crying.  He then informed me that he’d tried to pick his sister up and couldn’t because his wrist hurt too much.  Daggonit!

To know Bug means you know he loves picking up and spending time with his little sisters.  He takes his role as big brother very seriously.  If he couldn’t pick a seven month old infant up, there was definitely a problem. I looked at his wrist and it had swollen quite a bit since he arrived home. So, I told S. that Bug and I were headed to the ER.  We’re right around the corner from the hospital and got that relatively quickly despite the traffic.  As a bonus, the ER was pretty empty and we were seen immediately.

Fast forward to several X-rays and medical questions later, he was diagnosed with a severe sprain with contusions (bruising) and swelling.  The doctor kept saying he was surprised the X-ray showed no fractures because the swelling was significant and it “presented like it was broken”.  Because the sprain was still swollen and painful, the doctor recommended limited mobility for a week complete with brace and sling.  Practice missed and very sad little boy.


Good Friday! I honestly woke up on Good Friday kind of melancholy.  It could have been because of the clouds outside, but I just wasn’t that happy.  I was sad at that because I wanted to be filled with all of these great emotions since it was such an important day.  I just couldn’t get my body to match that.  I went through the day providing assistance to colleagues, getting things done, and finally called it after work.  I stopped at the local Dollar Tree and bought the remaining materials to put together the Easter baskets for Bug, Honeybee, and baby A.  Afterwards, I made it home in time to change clothes and get to the church.  Oh my goodness.  Remember that blah feeling I had?  Let me tell you.  As soon as I made it into the choir loft and began to sing praises to God, all of that blah just left.

Then, God started ministering to me.  There were seven ministers all giving one of the seven last sayings of Christ.  Each message held something for me.  Each message gave an answer to a prayer I have been praying for weeks, months, longer, or shorter.  I was exactly where I was supposed to be and I was blessed to be there.


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