Easter 2018 holiday Weekend Recap

Easter Recap 2018- Part 2

Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by and reading our Easter 2018 Recap.  We had a beautiful celebration as a family.  I pray you and your family enjoyed the same.  I shared here our interesting start to the Easter holiday with Bug’s injury to his arm and our Good Friday service experience.  Hopefully, you’ll follow along with our Easter Eve and Resurrection Sunday services.  There are a couple of links on this page.  They are not affiliate, just links to where you can find some really cool stuff.
Saturday.  Saturday turned out to be a busy day for us.  After a crazy morning of hair styling, the kids and I headed to the church for its annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was such a fun time for the kids.
Honeybee wanted to show off one of the really cute outfits we purchased from Sparkle in Pink.  Seriously, this place is going to bankrupt me.  How cute is this outfit AND for under $20!

Honeybee and Bug both headed to their respective places of interest before the hunt began.  Bug went straight to the Video Game truck (which was the popular event of the day) and Honeybee went to the huge Connect Four board.

It wasn’t too long after that we heard the announcement for Easter Egg hunt participants to line up.  After a few instructions on how things would go, the kids were ready for the eggs!

Honeybee didn’t get quite as many eggs as she received last year, but there was no problem.  The church planned to make sure every child left with filled baskets.  They also made sure the kids had plenty of other fun Easter activities to do.

After the kids filled their baskets with candy and went back to the game truck and other stations (egg dying was so fun), we went inside for a yummy Easter fish fry!  We enjoyed a scrumptious meal and when all was completed, we cleaned our area and headed back to the house to change because the kids had a birthday party to attend.
My niece was turning 8 years old and her mom hosted a hotel pool/slumber party.  I have ONE picture unfortunately because there was just so much going on.  But the kids enjoyed themselves.  And, in true slumber party fashion, there was junk food galore!!!
What would a slumber party be without sweets…and PIZZA (which isn’t pictured)
Bug loved swimming.  Unfortunately, Honeybee didn’t get a chance to go into the water.  Everyone was absolutely exhausted when we got into the car and made our way home.  I didn’t even get a chance to do Honeybee’s hair, but at that point….I was exhausted.

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