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Friday Frazzle:The Golden Rule & My Friday Favorites

Hi guys!  Can you believe it?!  We made it to Friday!  I am SO thankful!  The weatherman tells me that it’s supposed to be a beautiful 70 degrees outside today.  I’m hoping I will be able to close up shop early and get outside with Honeybee, baby A, and Bug and enjoy it for a bit.

Today’s Frazzle focuses on the golden rule.  Specifically, Matthew 7:12..

So, in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. (Matt. 7:12 NIV)

It’s not a hard rule to follow.  In fact, it’s kind of easy when you think about it.  Unfortunately, it seems these days it’s harder than ever for some people to follow it.  Take yesterday.  A colleague and I have a lunch system where he pays for lunch for both of us one day, I do the same the next or the vice versa.  Sometimes he drives to the place and picks it up, sometimes I do.  It just so happened that yesterday was my day for picking up lunch.

Because my colleague had already called the order in, I expected to walk in and out within minutes as is customary.  But, I’d forgotten that it is Spring break and this particular establishment is popular with families.  When I walked in, there were at least ten people in front of me–only one picking up an order like myself.  It became readily apparent shortly after arriving that the restaurant was extremely short staffed.  I’m not sure if the manager miscalculated the number of servers needed or if people called in, but the normally quiet during work hours place was buzzing and the queue was building.  People were starting to get impatient.

The gentleman in front of me had been standing for about ten minutes, waiting patiently like myself, when a couple walked from the dining area.  The woman, irate at no one taking her money, yelled loudly “Are you going to take my money or do I just walk out”.  The tone was so nasty I involuntarily spoke that the statement wasn’t necessary.  The woman continued by asking where the manager was.  When she was informed that the manager was one of the persons behind the counter working feverishly to get plates out, she exclaimed, “She’s the manager?!  She needs to be fired!”.  It was quite obvious the manager heard the lady as she took on a defeated look and apologized repeatedly as she came to collect the woman’s money.  She explained they were short staffed, only had four servers, and some of those were trying to assist in cooking.  The woman threw her money at the manager and walked out the door.  I was disappointed.

I told the manager that it was okay, that she shouldn’t stress what couldn’t be helped, and to continue to have a very blessed day.

After this spectacle, the man who’d been waiting in front of me received his meal in completion and told her that it was okay, not to stress and to have a good day.  That’s when the woman behind me started.  She was there with her mother and her three children.  She started complaining because there were two tables available but no one was being seated.  It was becoming untenable and the manager looked on the verge of tears as she approached.

I told her that I was picking up and gave my last name.  She said, “I have it here.  It was ready.  I just couldn’t get it to you”.  I told her to stop, take a deep breathe, let it out, breathe, and that it was okay.  The woman behind me started lowering her gripes.  I told the manager that it was okay, that she shouldn’t stress what couldn’t be helped, and to continue to have a very blessed day”.  Then, I turned to the lady behind me and wished her the same.  Her children looked at me, looked at their mother, and then I walked out about twenty to thirty minutes after I arrived.  It was okay.  Things happen.  It isn’t the end of the world.

As I returned to my car, I thought about how disappointed I was at the reaction of people who were on the verge or rioting because of a lengthy queue.  I understand the expectation of getting in and out when you want, but treating people nastily because you can’t do so will not get you out any faster.

To the woman behind me, I wanted to say that I saw her there with her mother.  I lost one of the women I called Mama the day after Christmas and here she was in the restaurant with hers and her mother’s grandchildren.  Yes, it would have been nice to sit down at a table together, but they were in the lobby, mother and two of the children seated.  The mother and her teenage son standing beside them.  Imagine the moment that could have been shared instead of being something other than cordial.

I know I can sometime be impatient with my littles.  Each and every time it happens, the Holy Spirit pricks my heart and I feel bad about it.  I’ve even gone back to my littles and apologized for my impatience.  Today reminded me that it is so very important to treat people the way we want to be treated.  There is nothing so important that we cannot.  So, that was my Frazzle for the week.

Now, let’s talk about my favorites!  Because my Frazzle so consumer my thoughts, I’m only sharing two favorites today.  Enjoy them and have a great weekend!

So earlier this week, I shared our Easter recap and one of my favorite outfits from Sparkle In Pink.  When I first saw this cute shirt online, I knew it would be perfect for Honeybee’s Egg hunt.  I was right.  She loves all things pink and sparkly and this fit the bill.  I paired it with her pink cowgirl boots and a denim shirt turned jacket, and we were off!  Not bad for under $20 (not including S&H).

Oh my goodness!  So you all know how much I was craving Chinese and Thai food when I was expecting.  I didn’t get it near as much as I was craving it, with the Thai food, I got it none at all.  Well, this week someone mentioned going to the local Thai restaurant for some shrimp pad thai and I was ALL IN.  I haven’t had Thai since prior to pregnancy.  It was SO good.  I inhaled it and am now paying for it in terms of the couple of pounds that added themselves to me.  It was worth it though.

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