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Our 8 month update

Hello everyone!  We hope you are doing well and that life has been joyful for you.  It’s been quite busy for us!

Baby A. is officially 8 months old!  The growth that has been shown in the past month is amazing.  She is finally crawling without the jump in the middle.  She is also experiencing some really cool milestones!

Weigh In
We didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month, so I don’t have an official measurement.  I’ve done the unofficial hold her and then subtract from my weight.  She’s pushing 16 pounds.  Her 6-9 month clothing is getting pretty tight, so we’re doing the 9-12 month attire consistently.  She’s in the size 2 diapers still, but as soon as we are done with this box, we are so switching to size 3s.

Sleeping All-Star?
Well, for the most part.  She is still going down about 8:30 and is still waking at 7 most mornings.  She did have a couple of hard days because of a new milestone, but you have to keep reading to find out about that ;).
Food is an amazing thing!
So, she is in full let-me-try mood!  She is still getting most of her food from formula, but she gets baby food and small portions of table food.  She still loves cornbread and is love with mac and cheese.  Her favorite treat is Yogurt Melts and Air Puffs.
Any firsts?
YES!!! She is officially crawling. She is also officially teething!  She has a small corner of her bottom front tooth peeking through.  This milestone has caused us quite a bit of consternation because it pains her at times.  With all of the horror stories out about Orajel, I limit it’s use and focus on teethers and frozen wash clothes.
Oh, she is also pulling herself up!  
Hi, little one!
Any favorites? 
Favorite foods include baby food bananas and yogurt melts.  She also likes Ritz crackers and will protest loudly if I’m eating some and don’t share with her.

Favorite toys are her jungle play mat from Fisher Price.  She LOVES that thing and has used it to stand up.  She plays with it almost daily and loves the different textures on the mat.

Favorite lovies include any fleece blanket.  She likes the way they feel in her hand even if they are on the outside of the crib and she can’t wrap in them.

Any dislikes?
She is not a fan of green beans.  She refuses to eat them.

Looking forward to?
Walks in the park
Icecream shop visis
Summer vacations

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