Anniversary 2018 marriage update Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Anniversary Edition

Hello everyone.

It is the end of an amazing anniversary weekend.  Yesterday morning, I woke at the crack of dawn so that my girlfriend could come over and style my hair.  I have to be honest.  I love pretty styles and finished, but I’m not very good at self execution. So, when I called my girlfriend and asked if she could help me looking amazing for our anniversary, she jumped at the chance.  She also did my makeup because…well, honeys I am HOPELESS when it comes to makeup….she did that!

She did an amazing job!

Hair and makeup done, it was time to get ready for a lovely evening.  My mother drove about 5 hours to watch her grandbabies for the evening.  The kids were so excite because…well…their grandma is too cool!

While S. and I were upstairs getting ready, she decided to take the kids to the park.  She was actually out with them when it was time for us to go!  You have to love my mom.  S. and I decided to do a local trip this year and bought in our anniversary aboard a dinner cruise ship.  We’d gone on one several months after we were first married, enjoyed it, and decided to visit its sister ship this year.  It was beautiful!

A picture of the ship via Odysessy Cruise

We were greeted with glasses of champagne (additional for our anniversary) which was acknowledge dined on Wedge Salads and Lobster Soup for our first course.  Then, I enjoyed an absolutely delectable platter of jumbo lump crab cakes with sweet corn, bell pepper, and thyme succotash.  S. enjoyed a braised short rib.  He said it was good, but a bit fatty for his taste.  We finished our meal with dessert.  He enjoyed the Granny Smith Apple Parfait and I loved the Signature Warm Butter Cake.  It was amazing.

Seriously, the cake was amazing!

S. and I danced the night away, walked outside in cool cold air and enjoyed the view.  We shared our favorite memories of the marriage year.  We discussed our highs and our lows.  We discussed what we want to accomplish next.  We even discussed the possibility of adopting again!  (Stay tuned on that one!).

It was a wonderful evening and I am so thankful that I got to spend the night hearing my husband tell me how much he loved me and how beautiful I was.  I also loved the watery eyes when I told him how much I love and admire.  God truly is a good God…even when I am not worthy of it.

So, that’s it in a nutshell.  There were quite a few private moments this weekend that I will keep just for us including today.  The core, though, is I am so thankful to God for allowing my husband to find a good thing.  I’m even more thankful that good thing was and is me.

Happy Anniversary, S.  I love you so much!


Year 6 At-A-Glance:

My favorite moment of Year 6.  Giving birth to our daughter.  That entire experience was amazing especially since there was no one else there, but S. and I (and the medical staff).

My not so favorite moment of Year 6. Saying goodbye to my mother in love.  I am glad she is sleeping peacefully, but I definitely miss her.

What’s something new I learned about S.  My husband has a remarkable ability to calm other people.  There was a potentially sketchy  situation that my husband and I found ourselves in while returning to our vehicle from a show one evening.  A man approached us and we both immediately were on guard.  My husband immediately started conversing with the man and I watched the man’s complete demeanor change and he realized that my husband was speaking to him with genuine care and concern.  S. spoke to him about the love of Christ and after walking with us for a few more minutes, the man thanked us for our time, especially thanking my husband for speaking with him, and left us on our way.  It was quite amazing.

Favorite date night.  I think my favorite date night was actually our anniversary night.  S. held my hand, escorted me like when we were dating, told me I looked beautiful, and danced the night away with me.  We had a great time and it’s moment’s like that that serve to remind me of how blessed I truly am.

What I hope to see this year of marriage.    Beautiful memories.  Days of love.  A new addition to the family.

A few of my favorite pics of our marriage.


    One of my favorite pictures—praying


    I love how he looks at me in this picture


    The arrival of our youngest daughter


    A beautiful Honeymoon pic


    Our first formal dinner as a honeymooning couple

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