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Weekend Recap: It’s starting to feel like Spring

Hi everyone!  It was a pretty interesting weekend.  Friday evening (when let’s face it, the weekend actually begins), I got off work and rushed home to take advantage of the beautiful weather!  I mean it was 80 degrees with a breeze!  No way I wasn’t going to take advantage of that!  Once I got home and Bug finished his chores, I loaded up Bug, baby A., and Honeybee and took a walk around our neighborhood.  Bug met up with one of his friends from school and they took their skateboards and rode off to the park while I walked to catch up later.  I love that he’s growing up so well and doesn’t always need Mom’s watchful eye.  While he and his friend rode their boards, we did a bit of this..

Honeybee LOVES the slides.

Peek-a-boo, we see you!

Baby A.’s first swing

It was Baby A.’s first time in the baby swing. I laid her hat on the bib portion so she wouldn’t be tempted to bite the swing (which she really wanted to do) and I just let the gentle breeze push her. She loved it and actually allowed the breeze to lull her close to sleep. I don’t have a baby swing and this seriously made me want to get one for her until I remembered that she will be much bigger very soon.

We stayed out there sliding and swinging until the sun started to dip a bit low in the sky. I called for Bug riding his board nearby and we all walked back to the house for dinner–stuffed sausage and mozzarella ravioli.

Saturday morning, S. woke and made breakfast for the kids while I got ready for Bug’s baseball practice.  S. and I decided that he would keep the girls since I wanted to pick up a new dresser and coffee table a friend was letting go of since she and her husband were moving.  Both pieces would be perfect in the home and I needed the space without carseats.
Practice was… okay.  It was another beautiful day with a slight breeze, but it was warm.  After running around and doing drills for a half hour, the boys were pretty lackadaisical.  The coach didn’t appreciate that too much, but understood.  He had a heart to heart and the remaining practice time went much smoother.

Bug at bat!
After practice was over, Bug and I went to my gf’s home to pick up the dresser and coffee table, but alas…the dresser wouldn’t fit!  (I probably should have asked for measurements sooner!).  So, I left it there, but came away with an awesome coffee table and artwork that is going to look great in the sitting room.  Back at home, after unloading the car and getting in some yard work on such a gorgeous day, we called  for “Quiet time” because family, I was exhausted!  

In case you’re wondering, “Quiet Time” is time designated in the home where everyone goes into their own rooms and has quiet time.  They can nap, read a book, play quietly in their bedrooms with puzzles or coloring books, but they must be in their rooms and quiet.  Most of the time, Honeybee chooses to nap and then color later while Bug likes to read and then nap.  It’s usually a 90 minute time on the weekend. S. and I took advantage of the quiet time and took a power nap.  It was awesome!
When we woke up, S. suggested we have a date night sans the kids.  After discussion, we decided to take the kids to Parent’s Night Out while we went to see a movie.  The kids were super excited about this as they love the PNO camp. Dropping them off, we went to see…Black Panther.

Okay, okay, I know we’re late.  We’re probably the last couple to see it, but I didn’t want to go without S.  He knew I’d be very disappointed if he went to see it without me and this was really the only time we could go and see it together.  So, after dropping the kids off, we made our way to the theater so we could see if the movie lived up to the hype.

It really did.  It was a great movie.  I am glad that S. and I got to see it together and I am glad for the set -up for the Infinity Wars movie!  I am SUCH a Marvel girl.  Anyway, the movie had some really great takeaways and confirmed that I want to share it with my son.  I wanted to make sure we viewed it first to make sure it would be a movie I wanted him to see.  It is.  I do.  We will, LOL.

Movie over, we picked up the kids to discover, ironically, it was superhero themed night at the PNO.  Honeybee had her face painted to look like Wonder Woman.  It was TOO cute, but I forgot to take a picture of it!!!  (Probably because I was so tired by this point.)  We loaded the kids into the car and made it home about 1130.  After a really late night meal of cheeseburgers and fries, everyone went to bed to sleep until time for church.

Sunday morning was way different in terms of temperature.  It’d dropped about 20 degrees in the night and was in the 60s when we were on our way out the door.  Definitely a change from the high 70 and 83 degree days we’d experienced the days before.  We dressed and made our way to church where we S. and Bug assisted with Youth church and I stayed in the main sanctuary with baby A. and Honeybee.  The sermon was on calling others to Christ through you.  The premise was people can be drawn to Christ through the actions of those who claim to follow and love Him.  If you are claiming to be a follower of Christ and your walk mirrors that, then someone who doesn’t know who Christ is but knows you can approach you easier to talk about what makes you different.  They will recognize that difference in you.  Nicodemus recognized there was something different about Christ.  It was why he approached him when other Pharisees shunned Him.  Our walk becomes our witness and it can draw others as a result.  It was a good message.

Our Honeybee after church.  We’re still trying to figure out who taught her to pose.

After church, the family met up with one of my brother and sister in loves with their families and our father in love for dinner.  I always find it comical the reactions of people when we go out to eat after church.  There are a LOT of us and it can always be a bit of a spectacle when people realize that everyone in the party is related and all of the men are wearing wedding bands.  People have so many questions and most are very respectful about approaching and asking.  

After a fun and delicious dinner, I trekked across a very cold parking lot (that temperature drop was no joke) and waited for S. to join us.  We made it home and settled in just in time for NBA playoffs. All in all a weekend well spent.

I hope your weekend was equally enjoyable and your week will be amazing.  We’ll check in with you soon!


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