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Friday Frazzle: Friday Faves!

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Hey loves! Happy Friday! I hope you week has been rainbows and butterflies, but if not, let’s just celebrate the upcoming weekend any way. This week has been an interesting conglomerate of kids running, new power tools, work deadlines, and graduation memories. It’s been awesome!

I’m pleased to share this week’s favorites with you as I ride to beautiful North Carolina to celebrate the military retirement of one of our family’s dear Marine friends! (Thank you for your service, Sir!). I’ll post more on that for our Weekend Recap, but for now…here’s what I’m digging this week. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend. Feel free to link to your faves as well. I’m all about sharing the love.

Photo cred: Sweet Reasons Facebook site

Please don’t judge me as I’m sure this cucpakery has been on the Frazzle at least once, but when they keep tossing out such yummy flavors, I can’t help it. This week Cherry Cobbler, Blackberry Lemon, and Banana Pudding were on deck. While I was a bit skeptical of the Blackberry Lemon, how could I NOT try it when these guys are Food Network Cupcake Wars first runner ups. Seriously, the cupcakes were just what I needed for a crazy week. There are always such yummy flavors

This color combo is always a fave. (Three Girl Gems Jewelry and Accessories)

In LOVE with this set! (Courtesy Beaded and Charmed by AIDA)
So, I have a thing for accessories. I can’t help it. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, I love them all. So, when Instagram bracelet beauties @@beadedandcharmed (say that three times fast, I dare you!) @threegirlgems and posted these lovelies on their respective pages, I HAD to have them. I’m a HUGE lover of jewel tones as they remind me of my wedding day, so the blue was a definite for me.  Then, @BeadedandCharmed came displaying this beauty and I had to swoop it too!  Golds, creams, and khakis are some of my favorite glamour shades and I can think of quite a few spring and summer outfits that these bracelets will just make POP! Add the gray Nefertiti’s to the bunch and I am so ready for a fun evening.

I fell hard for this dress!  I can’t wait to put baby A. in it!

3. Baby dresses!!!!

Oh my stinking goodness! So, I was browsing Amazon for a couple of household needs when I somehow stumbled on to this cutie. Is it not one of the cutest dresses you have ever seen? I was super skeptical about it after looking at the price, but nope, it’s as cute as the computer makes it out to be!

4. Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

I promise The Chunky Chef was not playing with this recipe!

Oh my absolute goodness!!!  So, you know this weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  In addition to the solemn task of reflecting on the passing of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, there will be lots of family gatherings around grills and picnic tables.  Our office is no exception.  Our boss decided to have a Pre-Memorial Day potluck yesterday and these amazing little cookies were present.  They were so yummy.  Filled with chocolate chips and dusted with just the right amount of salt.  I found the creator of this amazing cookie and asked in complete humility “Where in all that is great did you get this cookie?”.  I was given the website address for The Chunky Chef AND the recipe here.  You HAVE to try it!  I’m telling you.  This will be on my list again.  I’m just saying!

So there you go!  My Friday Frazzle, my Friday Faves.  I hope you have an amazing weekend and, God willing, I’ll see you guys again soon!


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