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Friday Frazzle: My Mother’s Day Wishlist

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Hello everyone!  It’s been a REALLY busy week.  Truly it has, so much so I had no idea this weekend is Mother’s Day!  I’m so serious.  I had no idea until I saw an email from our church asking if the women would consider wearing a specific color for Women’s Day.  In my head I thought “We only do Women’s Day for Mother’s Day.  Wait!  Is that this weekend?”  So, yeah…shows how much I’ve been paying attention.

So, in honor of this week’s Friday Frazzle, I decided to share my personal Mother’s Day Wish List.  Now, please know I have no expectation of receiving any of this and I don’t need it.  My kids and husband do a pretty good job of letting me know they appreciate me on a regular basis.  So a day isn’t going to do too much.  That being said, if I were asked my preference, I’d request the following:

I love chocolate covered strawberries.  My favorite are Shari’s Berries, but I will take them however they are presented to me.  I see them on special occasions and  this is just a perfect one to me.

A massage.  Oh my goodness, it’s been crazy around here the last few weeks.  The professional massage S. and I received a few weeks ago for our date night was amazing.  I wouldn’t mind feeling that relaxation again.

After a relaxing massage, it would be beautiful to go to a hotel suite for the weekend and just sink the mattress of a King bed while watching rubbish on TV or just reading several novels on my tablet.  All peaceful.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I have a sweet tooth…badly.  One thing I love is cupcakes from a local cupcakery about 15 minutes away from our home.  I would absolutely love to come home from church on Mother’s Day and there are six beautiful cupcakes waiting for me.
I want, more than anything, a professional family photo session.  I really wish S. would agree to one.  He’s not a fan of them.  I would love for photos of the kids, photos of S. and I with the kids, photos of me with the kids and him with the kids.  That would be my ultimate wish.
So, there you are.  My wish list for Mother’s Day.  What are you guys looking forward to?

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