Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Thank you for your Service

Hey everyone! Apologies for the delay, but I wanted to spend a bit of time recuperating before posting. This weekend was pretty filled as we stopped to honor the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. That sacrifice is not taken for granted nor taken lightly. Our weekend started on Friday morning when S., Bug., Honeybee., baby A., and I hopped into the car slightly before 6AM and headed down to Camp Lejeune, NC.

Friday. We were there to honor family friend and godfather to Bug on the occasion of his retirement from the United States Marine Corps after 20 years. It was a beautiful ceremony complete with honor and sentiment that expressed how great a man he is and how blessed the country and his family is to have him. His wife and I have been friends since 2000 when we both walked into a college classroom and decided that we would never stop moving to our goals. Incidentally, she is amazing and I highly recommend her shop at She Swank Marketplace if you are in the area.

Congratulations, Gy!
Anyway, after a moving ceremony and some yummy cake, the family and I hopped in the vehicle and traveled all the way back to our home several hours away. Why travel that far? Because they are family and there is no way we wouldn’t celebrate this accomplishment with them.

We ended the night with Chinese food and movies while the children slept from exhaustion. No complaints at all from me.

. There wasn’t too much to report on Saturday because we were SLEEP. Seriously, we were supposed to attend an event and everyone overslept because we were so tired from the 4.5 hour ride down and then the 5 hour ride back. Wouldn’t trade it for anything and would do it again in a heartbeat, but man…We were tired!

Sunday. Sunday was a great day—as most are. After breakfast, we made our way to church where I joined the choir to sing praises on the occasion of our church’s 141st church anniversary! Can I tell you how awesome that is?! How amazing is it that God has allowed our church to be a part of the community for 141 years and we have been contributing to the community all that time. That is amazing! Service was amazing and I got to do one of my favorite things within the church ministry-serve! Seriously, I enjoy working on the culinary ministry and serving the drinks to the guests and serving them food especially the guests. You always want people to feel like they were really welcome when they leave. This one was a long serving event, but for the most part I enjoyed it. I’m so glad I got to help. I was also very glad when I was able to sit down and rest my aching feet J.

Monday. I don’t usually share Mondays in our weekend posts, but considering it was Memorial Day, I wanted to give a beautiful nod to my family and friends who lost loved ones fighting to ensure our freedoms. I know this day is not easy for you and I pray comfort and peace for you. Thanks for those Thanks also to my in loves who opened their home for a family and friends gathering. Everything was yummy and fun times were had by all.

Thank you for your service and congratulations on retirement!

That’s it for me, guys! Have a beautiful day and we will talk to you again soon!

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