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Friday Frazzle: Father’s Day Gift Ideas


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Hi guys. I hope this has been a great week for you. In honor of Father’s Day this upcoming Sunday, today’s Frazzle is our top 5 favorite ideas for honoring Daddy on Father’s Day. I know. I know. Shouldn’t we have posted this last week? Maybe, but I promise if you haven’t locked on a gift, these will seriously work and show just how much you love Dad!  (Plus, if you hit Amazon, you can order today and get it in time).

1. Breakfast in bed….or just breakfast! Our family LOVES to eat. There’s no secret in that. S. happens to love a very specific dish from IHoP..oops, I mean IHob. It’s a very specific breakfast dish complete with substitutions that the restaurant is wonderful to do for us. He knows that I get it for him on special days. Since the restaurant is open 24 hours, I usually place the order super late (think 11 or midnight possibly 1AM) and have it ready and waiting for him for breakfast the next morning. Since we have church, there won’t be time for breakfast in bed, but I will make sure he has a yummy meal all his own

2. Photo cards! I love this idea and love using it in our home. I’m a huge fan or taking pictures throughout the year. For Father’s Day, I like to take pictures from various events throughout the year or even the children’s lives and create photo cards via Shutterfly with words, praises, or thoughts from the kids. They look forward to helping pick out photos and I love asking them what they want to include in the card. Bug, who is 11 now, will even go as far as to type his own message in the editing process. I love that. I usually do one big one from all the kids, but I thought it would be kind of special to do one for everyone this year. And here’s a boon. You can now save 50% on your order by using code SAVE50 by June 18th. Nope, this is not an affiliate link or kickback. Just me looking out. You’re welcome!

3. Movies/Videos. Technology allows you to do some really cool things now. One of my favorite ideas has to be the tribute videos that vimeo.com and iMovie let you do. Oh my goodness! There are tons of free moviemaker tools out there. (I’ve included a link to them below to help). I like the idea of recording a video that has the kids wishing their Father a Happy Father’s Day and answering questions about what makes their dad so special. And guess what?! It’s not hard to do! I’m not the most technologically savvy person in the world and not only was I able to create a cool video, but I was able to edit it like a pro. Awesome sauce!

4. Commuter grear. Okay, okay. Understand that S. isn’t really your geek out at Best Buy electronics guy. He is, however, a commuter in a heavily populated area that has him on the road 2-4 hours every day depending on traffic in the area. He can combine walking with slugging with Metro and it can be a chore. There are a couple of commuter tool gifts we’d like to recommend. One of these will actually be S.’s father’s day gift. These ARE affiliate links.


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