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Friday Frazzle: National Donut Day!

Guys!  Guys?!!!!  Today is June 1st.  I’m excited about June coming into play, but I am so much more excited that today is National Donut Day!  I’ve been receiving emails and posts all week about this awesome day and I am so looking forward to indulging today.  Eating well be danged for one evening!  In honor of National Donut Day, today’s’ Frazzle will be my favorite donut flavors from my favorite locations and any deals they’re promoting for the day.

Duck DonutsYou already know how in love I am with Duck Donuts.  Shoot, they’ve been on the blog more than once.  A perfect example as to how great these guys are, they are giving away one FREE classic donut no purchase necessary.  Class donuts include powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, or bare.  To add to that awesomeness, the chain is giving away B1G1 coupons redeemable before June 17th.  I LOVE this place!

Krispy Kreme.  When the hot light comes on, all bets are off.  Today, we don’t need no stinkin’ light lol.  Krispy Kreme is offering free donuts of any type without additional purchase.  I’m thinking a chocolate iced creme filled myself.

Dunkin Donuts.  Dunkin Donuts is a breakfast staple in our area, but in the opposite direction of my office.  That being said, they offer some pretty tasty blueberry and cake donuts.  Tomorrow, the chain is offering free donuts all day with the PURCHASE of any beverage.
Walmart. Okay, for the record, this is not one of my go to donut locations.  However, Walmart wanted to jump on the National Donut Day bandwagon.  The chain is giving away free donuts to every customer in its bakery department.  They estimate giving away 1.2 million glazed donuts.
So, there you go!  Happy Hunting and Happy National Donut Day!

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