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Human Trafficking is REAL (A scary moment for a friend of mine)…

Guys, I have scrolled through FB countless times and have recently seen stories of human traffickers. Some I paid attention to. Some I dismissed as click bait. After today, I never will again. This morning, I saw a post describing an ordeal of a woman and her child being almost abducted and something seemed scarily familiar. I contacted a friend who seemed similar to the person described in the post and confirmed it was her. This morning, someone tried to abduct her and her newborn baby. Guys, my absolute heart.
She, her fiancé’, and their one month old baby were at a Costco shopping. They’d completed their shopping and had loaded up the car. She told me the entire time she was in the store she felt as if she were being watched. She was pushing the baby in the stroller and when her fiance walked to the cart caddy to put away the cart, a woman of Hispanic descent approached her and asked her if she would be interested in a Bible study and that she wanted to talk to her about “God the mother”. My friend had JUST watched a news report of similarly incidents being linked to human trafficking and screamed at the top of her lungs for the woman to get away from her and her baby. Her fiance heard the noise and ran over. The lady took off running when he approached. They contacted security who acted as if she were overreacting and pretty much dismissed her as the lady had disappeared. When they circled around several minutes later, she was back again and was approaching other women with young infants. They called the police and had a report taken because the woman was no longer there.

Let me be perfectly honest. I saw a similar story about an Ikea months ago. I dismissed it. I thought it was click bait. I saw a post on a friend’s timeline. I dismissed it and thought it was clickbait. When I saw the post this morning and spoke to my friend, I knew it wasn’t click bait. It was real and I was so thankful that she and her child were safe.

I know that this could really have been a woman looking to share her religious views about her deity. But I also know that this could have been exactly what news reports and articles said it was—human trafficking. I share this post as a vigilant voice. Be careful. Keep your eyes open. Watch your kids. This could have gone another way.


Her words…(names redacted for privacy) 
Me and XXX went to Sam’s Club with the baby. We walked around and did our shopping. The entire time I had a bad feeling like someone was watching me. I even thought what if someone tried to snatch me and XXX when he wasn’t looking. On our way out this innocent looking Hispanic girl walked up to me (I was pushing XXX in the scroller (SIC)) she asked if she could talk to me about bible study at her church and a series of an unknown prophecy called “God The Mother”. I’d seen on the national news that it was human trafficking if someone comes up to you saying that. And I’ve seen it on Facebook to be aware of people talking about God The Mother.

I immediately yelled out so loud. She waited for XXX to walk off but as soon as I yelled out he was there and she tried to run off. I was yelling and screaming get away from me and my baby, you are wrong for this. This is human trafficking. No one moved but XXX. He didn’t understand what was going on but he came running. Security came and said they’d talk to her but they did not call the police…..

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