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Our FET consult

Hi everyone!

Yesterday, I went to our Reproductive Endocrinologist to discuss what we need to do to begin our Frozen Embryo Transfer.  S. and I have been discussing it and feel like we would both like to have another child.  With baby A. at 9 months, almost 10, this seemed like a perfect time.

I met with Dr. G., who was so happy to see me and I felt likewise.  She is a beautiful woman and I love the effort that she and nurse A. (who is seriously a sister from another mister) made on our behalf.  Dr. G. explained that we have three embryos left.  There is one Day 6 embryo and two Day 7.  The preference is to transfer the Day 6 though all look great.

Not ours, but a pretty good representation.

She explained that we can start next month and gave us the blood work paperwork and the birth control prescription.  There are so many similarities to our walk with our IUI and IVFs, but so many differences as well.  I’ll probably share a number of them later, but the major ones seem to be cost and medication.  It won’t cost nearly as much as our IVF attempts, but the medication will have to be taken for longer.  It includes the dreaded PIO shot that I’ll have to have S. to help give me because I won’t be able to do so on my own. (Well I can, but it would be difficult Dr. G. said).

Once the bloodwork is done and costs paid, it’s a matter of calling on the start of my cycle, experiencing a mock transfer and a planning a date.  I somehow don’t think it will be as easy as that, but I PRAY it’s successful.

The entire consultation lasted only about twenty minutes and that included speaking with Nurse A.  We’re waiting on a call from the financial coordinator and we are ready to go!  If all goes well, we could be pregnant by August!  Let’s hope so!!!

I promise to keep you all in the loop!


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