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We Signed Honeybee Up for Soccer!

Hi everyone.  If you’ve followed the blog for a while, then you know that our family is a family of sports lovers especially on S.’s end.  We enjoy watching, playing in, and commenting on sports of all kinds.  We also enjoy allowing our children to experience those things as well.  Since we never push, we have been quietly observing our Honeybee running around playing soccer against herself, chastising herself in misses, celebrating scores.  Tonight, she was running around enough that S. asked her if she liked soccer.  She affirmed that she did and continued playing. 

Later, after she’d been tucked in, S. asked my thoughts about enrolling her in soccer.  I honestly thought it was a great idea.  I remember when Bug played soccer and he absolutely loved it.  I think Honeybee will love it as well.

Because she is still so longer, she will be in the U5 (under five) group which is designed specifically  to include lots of fun games and activities which involve a soccer ball. The program is structured around enjoyment, interaction, and movement.  She has six weekly lessons starting September and ending in October.  I’m really looking forward to it and to the fall activities that will accompany.

I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated.  I can’t wait to buy her soccer cleats and shin guards.  She’s so tiny so I don’t even know if it will fit.  Oh, in case you are side eyeing me based on my intense dislike of Bug’s practices this past baseball season…there is a reason for no dislike this time.  The kids are in and out under an hour.  I’m all about it.  If she likes it, we can sign her up again or upgrade her to a more structured game group.

Have a great evening!  Talk to you soon!


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