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Weekend Recap: Celebrations Galore!

Hi guys!  Hope you have a great weekend.  It was wonderful for us. First, Bug had his playoff game at 0900 on Saturday morning.  It was hot as the blazes, but they fought hard and won that came 14-5.  Bug didn’t get a hit (he was walked though), but he made sure to contribute to those runs.

After a thirty minute wait, the team played their championship game.  It was so hard fought, but this time they didn’t prevail.  The team lost 10-6, but had a great season and all of the parents are proud of them.

And just that quick, the season was over!  We celebrated by going home and napping (lol, we were exhausted), and then going out for pizza and icecream!  Then yesterday, while Mom was singing in a different city, Bug enjoyed a great end of season pool party. I’m so proud of them all.

 Hope your weekend was amazing!!!


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