2018 Father's Day Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: The Father’s Day Edition

Hello everyone! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Ours was a method of madness since it was Father’s Day Weekend and baby A. is currently cutting three new teeth at once. Not fun.

Friday night, the family headed to one of the local churches for a Christian comedy show event. It was really good and the comedian was hilarious as well as insightful. We knew he would be because he was a regular staple on our gospel radio station before a new show was bought on. S. enjoyed the how a lot. I found it just okay since I had to watch it from the soundproof children’s room. With baby A. in the throes of pain from the top left, and two bottom teeth, she was not happy, so I ended up going into the room and watching the show from behind glass. I could hear out. They couldn’t hear in. I still got to enjoy the show, but yep that pretty much set the tone for the weekend.

Saturday was supposed to be filled with all things graduation celebrations. But once again, baby A.’s demeanor was not quite friendly. I ended up staying home with her while S. attempted to leave the neighborhood. Notice I said attempted. Our county has three high schools in rather close proximity to one another, and all using the same roadways. Their graduations were staggered, but not enough and the resulting traffic was such that it took S. twenty minutes to exit the neighborhood and another 20-30 to get back in when he tried to U-Turn. We missed a lot of celebrations for sure. The same was the case all around town.

Sunday, we woke up and made our way to church. Once again, baby A. was not too thrilled with the pain in her tooth, so she whimpered and sometimes defiantly screamed…poor baby. Since you can no longer give orajel, we were trying teethers and massages and cold cloths. Nothing worked. I took her into the nursery where I held her until she was able to fitfully fall into sleep only to walk a mere thirty minutes later. Still, that nap helped and when my sister in love, our kids, and I took my father in love, brother in love, and S. out to eat later, she’d calmed quite a bit and was able to eat A LOT.

When we returned home, the kids gave S. his Father’s Day gifts. As posted in last week’s Frazzle, I was able to make collages for each child of activities with their father. I asked each child what they loved about their Dad and then typed the answers into the body of the card. I had each child sign the card and we sealed them in envelopes. We then presented him with new noise canceling headphones from Cowin, whose company we have to contact because the packaging didn’t have the USB charger (SMH). Anyway, S. was still thrilled with the gift especially the cards. Those he took with him when he left this morning to set on his desk at work. Guess we did a great job this year. ☺️

To all the fathers:
Here’s hoping your Father’s Day was beautiful and amazing. Here is hoping that you were filled with smiles and laughter and love. Here is hoping that you felt absolutely wonderful. You deserve it. Thank you for loving the way you do.


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