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38 while 38

Hello everyone! If you’ve followed me from my Snowfall and Snowflakes days, then you know that since 34, every year (except last) I have compiled a bucket list of things I would like to have accomplished by the next birthday. It’s been a bit of a motivator. Sometimes I get it done. Other times, not so much. This year, I’m excited to do it again and I’m super excited to see the progress as we get it done! So let’s go!

1. Go back to school for my Masters in Mass Communication or to complete my Masters in Business Administration.  (Starting Fall 2019!  Let’s go!)

2. Consistently spend a minimum of 15 minutes of devotional time with God

3. Complete two 30-day challenges on social media.

4. Attend the 2019 Honda Battle of the Bands.

5. Lose 20-25 pounds for more energy and health (So I actually lost 20 pounds right before I got pregnant).

6. Have monthly date nights including some more creative than dinner and a movie.

7. Attend one solo weekend trip.

8. Host a ladies sleepover/brunch.

9. Write and mail letters to 5 people who have made a positive impact in my life.

10. Run a 5k. (PRAY FOR ME!)

11. Attend a Mother Daughter weekend with just my mom and I.

12. Reconnect with my grandfather. I haven’t seen him since I was a little girl and would love the opportunity to do so.

13. Have a Mommy-Child date with each of the kids.

14. Have a family photo shoot. (7/21)

15. Complete the #SelfCareDare.

16. Redecorate my office.

17. Visit the Top 3 places to see before your die (1000 Places to see before you Die) in NC

  •  The Biltmore Estate
  •  Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  •  The Outer Banks

18. Talk an afternoon walk or 30 minute activity with Bug every day.

19. Change careers and do something I love, not just something that keeps me in my comfort zone.

20. Step out of my comfort zone and completely trust God to show the way.

21. Make 3 museum visits and stay for as long as I want!

22. Take a class that shows me how to operate my camera like a pro.

23. Start investing in the stock market.

24. Take salsa lessons.

25. Send our 2018 Christmas newsletter for family and cards for friends.

26. Attend a cooking class with S.

27. Create a family “command center”.

28. Have a quiet night in with bubble bath and wine.

29. Read one new book every month.

30. Go camping with a cabin, S’mores, hiking, and bon fires.

31. Do 3 freelance writing positions.

32. Go on one brunch cruise.

33. Take a trip to the beach.

34. Get pregnant again.

35. Start a YouTube channel.

36. Give a Microloan via www.kiva.com. (fortybyforty)

37. Attend my home church’s Homecoming.

38. Visit a nursing home and sit with a resident.

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