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Happy 11 months, Baby A.

Can you believe it?!  We’re one month away from baby girl turning ONE!  That’s huge!  Today I’m updating you on all things 11 month old baby A.

Happy 11 months, baby A!

Weigh In
We have a doctor’s appointment scheduled next month where she will receive her 12 month shots. So, I’m not sure how much she weighs. I plan on stepping on the scale and subtracting my weight from hers to get a number. I’ll make sure to update here.

In other news, she is wearing clothing depending on the cut 9-12 months in size. She is in diaper size 3. Her shoes are infant 3s though she prefers to be barefoot.


She currently has five and a half. There are four baby teeth on the bottom and one and a half baby teeth at the top. The half tooth is still emerging, but should be complete soon.


Baby A. is still prefers to crawl around the floor to get to her desired destinations, but she is also capable of cruising. She surprised us las Sunday with take her first steps! We were certain she would continue the endeavor since she did it so well, but she seems content that the attempt was successful and isn’t really interested in doing it again, despite our placing her on her feet and encouraging it.

  • Crawling after her siblings 
  • Cruising 
  • First Steps on 22 July!
Motor Skills

Every baby book and the baby experiences of my previous two say that baby A. should be grasping with her pincher grasp. She is doing that and getting better, but it definitely needs work. In the AM, I pour a handful of Cheerios on the high chair table and she devours as many as she can using the pincher grasp while I get breakfast prepped.

  • Waving
  • Shaking her head ‘no’
  • Leaning in for kisses

Baby A. likes to use her fingers and is getting better at it. She’s getting a variety of foods, but I admit I hadn’t handed her a spoon and need to start doing so. She likes fruit…strawberries and watermelon are her favorites. She also enjoys yogurt and shredded chicken. She’ll eat crackers and cheese if those are given to her as well. She is still taking formula, but I am weaning her and adding milk with a formula part so that her belly gets used to the difference otherwise she flat out refuses the milk.


I wish she was more consistent, but alas she isn’t. She’ll sign “more” when she is in the mood and on one occasion perfectly articulated “I’m sleepy” when I asked her what was wrong. She hasn’t done that since. Books say she should be lifting hands to be let you know she wants to be picked up or pointing to be put down. Baby A. does neither of those. She leans in if she wants to go to another party from your arms, but rarely asks to be put down. She does babble with her siblings and Honeybee seems to understand the babblings, correctly interpreting what her little sister wants.

  • Words said:  “Hi”, “Bye”, “I’m sleepy”, “Dee” for Daddy

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