Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Music and Meals

Hi everyone!  It was a pretty cool weekend this past, but hot.  Oh my goodness!  Temperatures were 90-95 degrees with heat indices at 100-110.  It was hot!  Saturday morning, I took the kids to a parent-child music immersion trial class.  How absolutely wonderful this class was.  We sang, danced, and moved to music and words.  Honeybee twirled and came out of her initial  nervous shell.  It was very fun to watch her have so much fun.  The kids even had the chance to play the guitar afterwards.  I really enjoyed the class and thing the kids did as well.

Afterwards, I wanted to walk around historic downtown with the kids, but it was too hot :(. 

Baby A. was already a bit fussy in the short distance it took to get to the car.  I knew better than to attempt it.  Another day though for sure though.

When we got home, I started prepping dinner for tonight.  S. and I recently took a finance seminar hosted by our church and, though we have been blessed to have and do more than in our childhood, there is plenty of room for growth.  One great place to start is homemade meals.  I don’t think people really know how much they spend on take out, myself included. Well, I didn’t until I started paying attention to it.  That contributed to the desire to start cooking more.

Tonight, I made baked spaghetti casserole.  So remember the meatball subs I made for dinner on Thursday night? (If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the notification).  I had leftover meatballs and sauce, so I used the meatballs in the casserole.  While that was in the oven, I prepped the marinade for a Slow Cooker Jerk Chicken. 

I REALLY wanted to try a recipe that the kids would eat and enjoy, as well as S.  I decided to make Slow Cooker Jerk Chicken, Rice, Green Beans, and Banana Pudding (because I had ripe bananas that needed to be used).  It was my first time making jerk chicken in the slow cooker, but when I found this recipe from Dinner Then Dessert I knew I had to try it.

It turned out phenomenally.  Baby A. actually cried when she ate all of hers because she wanted more.  The meat was falling of the bone so I simply shredded it into smaller pieces for her.  She devoured it.  I suppose that meant she liked it :).  The same can be said for Honeybee who insisted that she have hers with leftover spaghetti casserole.

They followed that up with yummy banana pudding and called it an evening.  Nothing crazy, but enough fun for them to both sleep well last night.  I’m looking forward to sharing some great things for them this summer.

Talk to you soon!

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