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Weekend Recap: The Birthday Edition

Hi guys! What a fun and amazing weekend! I was blessed to turn 38 years old this Saturday. I don’t take that for granted. Several dear friends and family members didn’t make it to that age, so I thank God for allowing me the privilege of living. I hope not to disappoint Him as I continue to journey through life. Let’s talk about the weekend.

Friday. We were supposed to see The Tomb of Christ exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C., but traffic destroyed my attempt at getting the family there in time for our timed entry L. Bug and S. had already seen it, but I hadn’t had the opportunity. I was pretty bummed to miss it, but I didn’t let it ruin the weekend. We decided that we would go to the “Golden Triangle” in DC to watch the outdoor movie “Jumanji”. We stopped first at the local Wawa and loaded up on subs and quesadillas, mac and cheese, a strawberry smoothie for me, and peach iced tea. Then, we traipsed our way to the lawn, unloaded blankets and bean bags, set up food, and settled in for a great evening. It really was. The atmosphere was fun. The temperature was comfortable with a nice breeze blowing. The movie was funny and the kids enjoyed themselves. Amariah did get a bit fussy towards the end because she was tired, but a few rocks in my arms and she was out. We made it back to the house a bit after midnight and all promptly fell asleep.

The screen was huge
Honeybee and I getting prepped
Getting food in.
Saturday. Saturday morning, I woke up and started getting the children prepared to attend the initial sermon of one of S.’s former coworkers, or so I thought. As we were preparing to walk out the door, S. walked in with the kids and announced we were going to take professional photos for my birthday gift! I was so super excited!!!! You all know that my birthday bucket lists and Christmas want list for the past two years has been updated professional family photos. SO EXCITED!! It was raining cats and dogs, but nothing could put a dampener on the evening. For about 30 minutes, we took a variety of shots—couples, individuals, family, birthday! It was amazing!! I have TONS of favorites, but of course I have to be super selective. Trust. The photographer did a phenomenal job. I’m very thankful to have received them. 
The littles
After the shoot was over, we had about 45 minutes to kill while the photos were printed. We decided to get lunch at a local buffet place. Food was yummy and baby A. is loving the addition of her new teeth so she can sample everything. After lunch, we went back to the picture shop, picked up the photos, and went home. Now, I was good. This was a perfect gift and I didn’t need anything else. I came home, changed clothes, and was ready to call it a day with a movie and some takeout. Nope. S. told me to get “dressed up, but not too dressed up” lol. So, I did and loaded the kids BACK into the car while S. drove us to some unknown destination.

We ended up stopping at my brother and sister in love’s home to drop of the kids to be babysat for the evening. We left there and went to an obscure looking cement building. I was super confused by this point. We walked in and there were a host of friends and family ready to play Escape Room with us! It was a new Escape Room in the city and we got to play for my birthday! It was such a great time! We laughed. We tackled clues. We had NO idea lol. I absolutely loved it lol I look forward to doing it again. And no…we didn’t escape lol.

Afterwards everyone asked my preference for food and because of the late hour, I suggested going to Longhorn for dinner. It was a great choice as we all laughed and talked sports and parties and life. The server was fantastic and gave me the best sundae I have ever had in life. Seriously, I have no idea where they get their ice cream from, but I need the number! We closed them down, gave hugs, and thanks and went our separate way. After picking up the kids and returning home, it was almost midnight. I was TIED and completely happy. I went upstairs to change clothes when S. called me down. He and the kids had a beautiful birthday cake and a birthday cupcake! The cupcake was because my favorite cupcakery didn’t give me the free birthday cupcake they usually do and I casually joked about it to S. He heard and went out and got one for me lol. I love him.

Sunday. We went to church yesterday and had an enjoyable time listening to the sermon of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. We were so tired when we came home that everyone crashed for several hours!!! We woke up and had one of our cousins come over for conversation and laughter. It was so much fun especially when baby A. took her FIRST STEPS!!! Yayyyyyyy!!! She was so proud of herself and I loved that God allowed those who she spends the most time with to experience it. It was an awesome moment.

All in all, this was such an amazing weekend and I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration. God truly is an amazing God. Thanks for all the love and birthday wishes. Here’s to a fabulous 38!


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