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Baby A’s Birthday Month!!

Oh my goodness! It’s so amazing to see that Baby A. is turning 1 this month! I’m not being at all cliché when I say “time flew”! I was all excited to have a huge birthday party like I’ve done for Bug and Honeybee. Alas, S. locked on an escape that takes he and I far away on baby girl’s birthday!!! I think he thought we would have the party earlier than her actual day and we couldn’t because of a conflict. Since the lock on was a surprise he’d been cultivating for a while complete with a non-refundable clause, we can’t change it. Yes, I cried, especially since we only have big parties for milestone birthdays.  So she won’t see another big one until five. Fortunately, we’re able to kill two birds with one magnificent stone since we host an annual end of summer bash at our home.

It usually focuses on and culminates in a fantasy football draft, but this year I’m going to make the baby’s birthday the focal and the draft will be the feature for the guys.

I’m going with a pretty cool theme and doing a lot of the same things I’ve done before with the party, but making sure a lot of other things get accomplished as well. I’m hoping everyone will have a good time and that we get some pretty cool pictures too. 

I am really looking forward to celebrating her birthday with you guys and celebrating the return of school for Bug too!


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