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Happy Birthday, Baby A.!!!

One year ago today, I was laying on the couch monitoring contractions wondering if today was going to be the day you decided to make your presence on your Earth.  Less than twelve hours later, you confirmed it was.

A Letter for My Daughter on Her First Birthday
My Sweet Baby A.,
   Words can’t possibly begin to express how blessed your father, siblings, and I are that you were born to us.  You have been such a light in our world.  You’ve made us immeasurably happy.  You have helped us to witness God’s miracles over and over again.  We see them in the light of your eyes, in the curious gait of your steps.  We see Christ in the kisses you give to cheeks and the snuggles and peals of laughter you share with your siblings.  How we love you.
   Today, we wish you all the blessings your heart can hold.  We wish safety and protection.  We wish health and strength.  We wish confidence and humility.  We wish wisdom and understanding.  You, my love, are a beautiful creature formed in eternity and returned to finite for a time yet unknown.  I promise to love you with all of my heart and soul, and when God calls me home, my love for you will still remain.
  May your birthday be wrapped in love and may you always know that you are a child of God created for a purpose and loved most by Christ.
  I love you dear one and always will.
                        9 month update11 month update

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