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Weekend Recap: Jesus! The Stage Play

Hi everyone! Here’s hoping your weekend was amazing. I absolutely enjoyed ours and can’t wait to share with you! This Saturday, S. and I traveled to the Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA to see the live stage play “JESUS”. Guys, it was beyond amazing and I am not just saying that. I am still trying to figure out why I bothered to put on makeup because I cried it off by the time everything was said and done. It was SO well done and like no play I’d seen before. This is NOT your regular live play production, I PROMISE you that!

Saturday morning, my wonderful BIL came over to watch the kids while S. and I made our way to the church. Our church has gone to this several times for several different plays and it was our first time accompanying. When we got to the church, the riders were all lining up to get on one of two buses bound for Pennsylvania.

Time to load up (Picture intentionally blurry to protect faces)

We settled in for the trip and caught a bit of sleep before the bus stopped for breakfast. S. and I trekked up the road for Sheetz breakfast. Two things–Men can be just as indecisive as women when it comes to decision making and Sheetz has amazing breakfast. Like amazing, who knew? Any who, after settling back in and driving for a while longer, we arrived at the theatre where a nice young man arrived and gave us instructions on where we would be seated, how to enter the theatre, and wished us a great time.

After stopping by the bathroom and muddling around a bit, we went into the entrance and located our seat. We were at a higher row, closer to the last seats in the balcony and I loved it. I could see a lot and had perfect panoramic views of all that was occurring. We were in awe of the beautiful set designs and the way the scenery wrapped around the theater. It served to immerse you in the time.

In front of the Sight & Sound Theatre in PA

A few minutes later the lights went down and the show began. Obviously photographs and video were frowned upon during the show, but take my word for it—it was amazing. The show held true to the Bible with a rare and occasional extra but nothing that was blasphemous or completely out of line. The scene were the man was liberated from (l)egion’s possession was spine tingling. Oh my! And the tears I cried for his liberation and then later for the crucifixion of Jesus and the wail of Mary as she watched her son taken down and buried. Oh how my heart cried with her. And the song they sang to accompany. HEART BREAKING! Of course I wanted to shout with his Resurrection and the Ascension was absolutely beautiful. I can’t speak highly enough about this play. GO and see it! PLEASE.

The live animals, the actors, the songs, the special effects.  (One of my favorite scenes was when Jesus went into the temple angry for the way it had become a “den of thieves”.  It was phenomenal the way it was done!)

After the play was over, the call to salvation was given and offers to pray were provided by the staff. THAT made this a more than memorable event. As the orator said, That “was why they do this”.  I wonder how many souls were saved. I saw at least one hand raised and I was so filled with celebration at the salvation of this soul!

After the lights were raised, S. and I joined the other church members for a group photo outside the church, which was a bit difficult with over 100 of us, but we managed thanks to a kind stranger. We loaded up, made sure everyone was with us, and drove away for lunch.

Lunch was interesting. We went to a traditional Dutch restaurant made with Amish fare. The tables were set up family style. You were passed one huge bowl or dish. You took your helping and passed. It reminded me of being at home. The food was very yummy. I’m not a roast beef fan at all, but on the coaxing of my husband I tried it and it was phenomenal. I went back for seconds. That NEVER happens. There were a couple of dishes I wasn’t too keen on, but everything was natural and healthy and I enjoyed trying something new. After dinner was over, we hopped back on the bus for the group to do some shopping.

As S. and I aren’t big on shopping like that, we perused a couple of stores, strolled hand in hand for a while, and then returned to the bus about five minutes prior to departure time. Afterwards, everyone knocked out for a ride home (Except me who caught up on my E-reading). We arrived slightly before 10PM and make it home in plenty of time to greet the oldest who stayed awake to see us come home. (I love him!)

I left my BIL and husband downstairs chatting about the play and lay down for the evening. S. came up shortly thereafter and we settled in for a nice evening of sleep. Yesterday, we woke up and made it to Sunday School and church where there was a great sermon and a wonderful day. Baby A. was a bit tired because she is now cutting a new tooth and it is kicking her butt in transition. So, we snuggled a bit yesterday while the rest of the family went back to sleep following church.

It was a great weekend and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Hope your weekend was equally enjoyable! What did you do?!

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