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Summer Recap 2018

Happy Labor Day! What a much needed and well appreciated day off! Know what I did today? NOTHING!!! LOL! Honey, my tired is tired and that’s the truth LOL! With Labor Day comes the unofficial end to summer and I can officially say “It’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen!”

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kids in our county. Lazy summer days are being replaced with books, papers, and homework. There are school activities and organizational hacks that need to be discovered. Summer is unofficially over. I decided that in addition to our regular Weekend Recap, I’d round out our Summer with a fun trip down memory lane. Hope you enjoy.

1.  End of Summer Bash/Baby A.’s Birthday Party.  It’s not every day you celebrate your first birthday. We decided to combine our annual End of Summer NFL Fantasy draft with baby A.’s birthday party. The kids had a ball with moon bounces. (Truth be told so did the adults). The adults enjoyed drafting their favorite players and building their amazing teams. We had food for days, friends for months, and fun memories for a lifetime. It was the perfect way to end summer.

The moon bounce was the hit of the neighborhood!

2.  Summer Camp.  Bug woke up early every morning so that he could attend summer camp and have new experiences. He enjoyed swimming and canoeing. He loved playing the camp competitive games. He came home in the afternoon smelling like outside and relished in it. What more could a preteen ask for?

3.  Our visit to the Amusement Park. Our company held an awesome Summer Fling and we had a blast participating in it. We stayed and played ALL day long. It was a fun and memorable time complete with the best funnel cakes known to man.

4.  Outdoor Movie Night.  How much fun was it to sit under the stars with yummy food and funny lines in a great movie? It was an awesome evening with a great opportunity to see wonderful things. I definitely want to do that again and Bug thought it was just a great evening all around.

5.  Family Time.  I thought this was a cool mention. Bug thought it was nice that the family was able to spend time together doing nothing but enjoying each other. I look forward to being able to do that with them a lot more. Pushing and planning for it for sure!
Summer Bucket List
Remember this list in May 2018?  I was super excited to try and knock a few of these things out.  Time to tally how we did.
Definitely not as well as I would have liked, but there is always room for improvement.  Despite not having ice cream at a parlor, we did have plenty of ice cream at home.  We didn’t make it to the zoo this summer thanks to the ridiculous heat, but we have a trip scheduled soon. I definitely can’t wait for that!
How was your summer?

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