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Weekend Recap: Apple Butter & Pizza

Weekend Recap: Apple Butter & Pizza

The great thing about weekends is there is always the opportunity to try something new that you don’t have time to try during the work week. This weekend, I was able to try my hand at apple butter AND try a local favorite in the form of 28” inch pizza. It was the weekend of awesomeness.

I found this recipe via a Pinterest search for apple recipes. I tried it with a bag of Red Delicious apples I had at the house that wasn’t getting eaten quickly enough. Sure enough, I dropped it in the crock pot for the directed time, and then placed the apples in my Ninja blender to get that all the way smooth consistency since there were quite a few lumps left previous. 

Red Delicious apples.  Took a while to peel, core, and slice, but so worth it.
 Perfect! The girls loved it and couldn’t wait to try it for breakfast. The men haven’t tried it yet, but I am sure they will be enthusiastic about it as well. It didn’t yield as much as I was expecting—only two small shallow tabs, but I am not complaining. That’s still plenty to walk us into the fall season, and it is rapidly approaching! 
My first time making Apple Butter!!! 
The best thing about preparing this recipe was how absolutely yummy my house smelled while the apples were cooking down!  Fall is my FAVORITE season and the smells, combined with the rainy and chilled air, definitely put me in a Fall state of mind.  Not to mention, I felt very much like my great-grandmother who didn’t mind canning and preserving and preparing for the upcoming season change.  It’s nice to know that part exists in me too.
Since football season officially kicked off yesterday, I decided to take Bug with me to pick up one of the local treasures. I’ve been hearing about Benny V’s 28” pizza for months now. Several of my neighbors, friends, and coworkers have gone for the huge slice experience. I decided that I would grab one of the pies for our Sunday dinner/football watching session. That was an experience.

Since I knew it was going to be a HUGE pizza, I cleared out the trunk of the car. The bigger car probably would have been easier, but parking isn’t always the best in the downtown area and the smaller car is easier to navigate in and out of parking. We preordered a half cheese, half pepperoni pizza. It was only about 15 minutes from the house, but because of the rain one of the roads was closed. We detoured for another ten minutes and made it there in plenty of time. Bug held the wallet while I navigated the box and we wrestled it in the car trunk lol. 

Yes, trunk of the car.
Getting it in the house through all the corners was a fun adventure, but we finally got it in and on the table where S. came downstairs, saw it, asked a few questions about it, and then we got to the business of eating. I had them cut the pizza into 16ths instead of 8ths because that was a bit more manageable for the littles. I was right in that thought process. About half the box had been crushed by the end of the night lol. 
What an 8th looks like.
The entire family curled up in front of the TV and watched every game while checking fantasy points and cheering our respective teams. Shout out to the Redskins and Panthers for their win. Sadness to the Bears for their loss. That one hurt guys. 
After the games were over, the kids went to bed, and S. and I caught up on some of our favorite recorded shows. It was a great way to cap the weekend and I’m so glad for the family time we experienced this weekend.


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