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Weekend Recap: Kevin Hart and Football

Hi everyone. I’m hoping it was a pretty great weekend for you. We were expecting to have Honeybee’s first soccer game, but received an email from the association that it was cancelled due to the inclement weather surrounding Hurricane Florence (prayers for all affected). This hurricane was no joke with all the flooding that’s been going on in my home state.  Today, 95 is STILL shut down and the state DOT is telling people not to use I-95 at all due to flooding.  It’s that bad in places.  I have a cousin who drives tractor trailers for a living.  He posted a video of driving through South Carolina today and the flooding is ridiculous. 

But I definitely digress.  After Saturday’s announcement of no soccer, Bug and I decided to cook breakfast. He was very excited to cook with me and add to his kitchen skills. Nothing fancy, just scrambled eggs and cheese, biscuits, breakfast potatoes and peppers, and sausage. Everyone crushed everything. We tidied up for a while and let the kids settle down for quiet time before getting ready to leave the house. S. and I had a date night scheduled and our brother in love agreed to watch the kids. 
The show was supposed to start at 7, but with lines stretched around the block for the sold out show, it didn’t start until 8PM. The opening acts were pretty funny. One, in particular, had me cracking up and I enjoyed him. Kevin Hart took the stage a little after 9 and I enjoyed him. I didn’t do the guffaw laughs that I have in the past, but I still enjoyed myself. After the show, S. and I went and picked up the kids and made it home to get a few hours of sleep before church. No pics of the evening beyond the one below because they were NOT playing with the no cell phone rule.

End of the Night pic that Kevin Hart allowed

We ended yesterday with Fantasy Football, Chili’s, and family time. Something pretty cool about hanging out in the family room watching the game plays while stalking our fantasy points. Any weekend like that is a bonus and I am very thankful for it.
Alright guys, that’s my recap.

What did you do this weekend?

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