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Weekend Recap: Soccer Games and Homecoming Rain…

Weekend Recap:  Soccer Games and Homecoming Rain…

Hello everyone!  I am hoping you had an amazing weekend.  This one was a busy one for us, which I have to admit was a nice change of pace from the lazier days.  (I’m sorry, but I admit that I think I might actually like the more hectic pace (insert smile here)).

Saturday was Honeybee’s first soccer game!  Well, maybe game isn’t the best label.  The kids, all under five years old, met at the soccer field where they were introduced to their instructors.  The instructors had the kids run through drills in the form of fun games to get them used to dribbling, kicking, and handling the ball.  Honeybee loved it.

After going over drills for a while, the kids were set into two different groups and allowed to play each other to see how to work together and apply what they’d learned.  That was easier said said then done with the little kids, but it was still fun to see.  Even baby A. got into the swing of things..
Go, Honeybee, Go!
Cheering from the sidelines
After the kids from her group left, Honeybee, Bug, and S. stayed on the field to do some family training one-on-one while baby A. and I took a walk around the track.
Getting that big brother/little sister time in
Pretty soon it was time to move on to our next activity.  This weekend was our church’s Homecoming and people were coming far and wide to sing with the reunion choir.  That meant a rare weekend practice.  So while the rest of the family was at home hanging out, I was at my second home–the sanctuary singing praises and having a great time with great people.
Saturday evening meant hair time and someone wasn’t feeling the process this evening.  No matter what was on the TV or the tablet, she was not interested in staying still.  I finally took a photo of her just to prove her exasperated look of “What, Mom?  You’re not doing my hair” lol.
I managed to do a semi cute look before bedtime.  But it was not without its challenges.
Sunday morning came with a flurry of activity as Homecoming was finally here.  We all donned our church attire and hurried to the church to celebrate all God has done, who He is, and the fellowship He has allowed us.  God is truly an amazing God.  

In addition to it being Homecoming Sunday, it was also our #SelfieSunday.  That was awesome as everyone had a great time taking beautiful pictures with their friends, family, and loved ones.

We ended up staying for both services and then came home ready to sit on the couch, watch our games, and go to bed.  That’s exactly what we did and I must say it was a phenomenal way to end our weekend.
So, how was your weekend and what did you do?

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