FET #1 frozen embryo transfer mock embryo transfer

FET prep: Mock Embryo Transfer

FET prep:  Mock Embryo Transfer

Today was a rather busy day.  I woke up for my mock embryo transfer appointment and realized I was more than a little nervous.  I suppose it was really hitting me that we were preparing to go forth and do great things. After a slight delay in getting out the house, I made my way to the fertility clinic–a new satellite location and met with the nurse practitioner who explained the procedure for me.

New digs

It went pretty much the same as the last appointment had gone two years ago.  I gave my urine sample to confirm that I wasn’t already pregnant (which would have been awesome), then went into the treatment room, and undressed from the waist down.  The uncomfortable scratchy sensation that I felt with the last cervical cleaning was missing this time, but I definitely felt something.
I saw the screens again that showed my uterus being filled with the saline solution.  I saw the pictures being taken and then we “visited” my ovaries to see how they were faring.  Unsurprisingly, my right ovary was doing quite well with about 18 follicles.  Surprisingly, my left ovary was actually achieving more and had produced 20.  That was amazing.
This looks familiar.

I am thankful to know they are functioning well, but pleased to know I won’t have to go through the process of retrieval again.  It was quite a daunting experience.

The process was over in less than 15 minutes.  I was given the customary pad for fluid leakage and stopped by the consulting room to see my favorite nurse, nurse A.  She works out of the new location but is still with my doctor, which is AWESOME!!!
After confirming that all was well and our calendar is moving forward, the appointment was over and I was on my way.  I continue to take my birth control pills until the calendar directs that I stop.  It’s only a few more days before we start this process in earnest.  I’m definitely excited and promise to keep you updated.
Talk to you soon.

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